Strain Of The Day Review: XJ-13

Looking for a strain that won’t give you the munchies? XJ-13 is developing a reputation as an appetite-suppressing hybrid.

Sep 26, 2016

Looking for a strain that won’t give you the munchies? XJ-13 is one of a handful of strains with appetite-suppressing potential. If that’s not your thing, this balanced hybrid is still worth a try. With a 22% THC content, you’re in for a powerful and very psychoactive high. New consumers should proceed with caution. 

Strain details

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XJ-13 is a 50/50 hybrid cross between legendary G-13 and Jack Herer. Sometimes thought of as the sports car of the cannabis world, this balanced strain has a fair amount of THC. Levels of the psychoactive can reach up to 22%.

What makes XJ-13 so unique, however, is the presence of another cannabinoid: THCV.

THCV has been making headlines for its ability to promote weight loss and potentially aid in diabetes treatment. Yet, there are only a few strains out there that have more than 0.1% THCV. XJ-13 is one of them.

While levels of the cannabinoid certainly aren’t dominant, its presence does give this strain an advantage over others. As breeders continue to produce high THCV strains, XJ-13 may prove useful in making new “skinny” hybrids. 

In addition to its cannabinoid superpowers, XJ-13 also has a very pleasant flavor and aroma. It has a bit of a pungent, muskiness, but this skunky scent is highlighted by notes of citrus and sweetness.

This strain was bred by TGA Subcool Seeds. One of their other strains, Jack the Ripper, also tends to have higher-than-average levels of THCV.

The XJ-13 experience

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There’s no doubt about it: XJ-13 is one well-balanced hybrid. One of its parents, G-13, is known for being a hard-hitting indica. As a result, XJ-13 provides a smooth, heavy-bodied feeling of physical relaxation. Yet, this physical slowness sure doesn’t make it’s way to your head.

Though XJ-13 has some strong indica lineage, you’re likely to find that this strain is oddly energizing and provides mental clarity. It’s possible that we have a little THCV to thank for these effects. THCV has about 25% of the psychoactivity of THC but tends to produce a very fast-acting and quick mental high.

Regardless, you’ll feel XJ-13’s effects from head to toe. It tends to promote a calm, sociable, and creative vibe, making it perfect for an art project or a social gathering. As a precaution, this hybrid is quite powerful.

Though it may have less THC than many strains out there, XJ-13 is a heavy hitter. The longer you keep consuming this strain, the stronger the sedative and psychoactive effects will become.

Why do people use XJ-13?

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A big reason why people use XJ-13 is to get all the benefits a nice high without the munchies. The high THCV content in this strain theoretically makes you less likely to crave those fatty, carby foods.

Of course, THC is a potent appetite stimulator. So, the higher the THC content in your bud, the more likely you are to find yourself perusing the fridge.

It’s important to note that THCV content will vary based on growing conditions, so a lot depends on the grower to really coax out the cannabinoid from each individual harvest.

Medically speaking, patients report using this strain to ease muscle spasms. Its gentle stimulating properties also a great choice for anyone with chronic fatigue. Those with depression and chronic stress disorders may also like the happy, sativa uplift XJ-13 provides.

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Sep 26, 2016