Thief Feels Bad For Robbery So Give Cannabis As Compensation

A thief, who felt bad about the crime he just committed, gives the victim some weed as a consolation prize.

Feb 8, 2016

Marco’s is some good pizza. Some dang good pizza! So good some guy with the “munchies” in South Carolina pulled out a revolver and robbed a pizza delivery driver of money and the pizza they were delivering!

The Official Story

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According to the South Carolina CBS news affiliate WSPA-TV, the Spartanburg police report said a man about 20 years-old pointed a revolver at the delivery driver’s head when she got into her car.

The driver gave him the money he demanded an then took off down the street, but he must’ve decided he was hungry because he came back to the car and asked her if he could have some of the pizza she was delivering. She handed it over and then the man decided it was time to make some small talk.  He asked the delivery driver is she liked to smoke weed. She gave the universal reply to that and was handed a “baggy with marijuana in it” as a consolation prize. Maybe he truly felt bad for the crime he just committed, but it still doesn’t make it right, despite this surprising detail.

K9 Unit to the Rescue

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The police arrived on the scene with a K9 unit and searched for the man with “the mad munchies,” but came up empty.

We may never know the details of what really happened here. Like how big was this “baggie” of marijuana? Or how many large pizzas did this man, who’s still at large at the time of this writing, take? I imagine when the cops showed up the delivery driver had to turn over the “baggy with marijuana in it” as evidence. Life just isn’t fair!

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Feb 8, 2016