Why The Humble Tin Can Will Be The Next Big Thing In Cannabis Packaging

A revolution in freshness is upon us. This is how the humble tin can is changing the game for cannabis, consumers, and the environment.

Aug 25, 2017

Walk into any dispensary, and the eye immediately goes to shelves stocked with glass jars and clear bags filled with beautiful herbal goodness. But like any other crop, cannabis holds a limited shelf life. Now, some shops are opting for a familiar way to keep products fresh longer, and saving the environment in the process with the tin can.

The problems with jars and bags

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Sure the eye appeal is there, but the widely used jars and sealed bags that cover most dispensary shelves carry a host of problems. The first is freshness. On average, buds lose flavor and potency after a couple months in these containers for one very simple reason: light.

Sunlight causes terpenes and cannabinoids to break down over time. Add to that most glass jars are opened repeatedly for customers to smell and handle the buds, and the shelf life drops even faster.

The second problem, one we all can attest to, comes with smell. Glass jars, plastic tubes, and baggies almost always end up leaking tell tale odors, especially in the heat. Why? Because plastic is gas-permeable.

The third problem rests in durability. One of the reasons that smell leaks is because plastics break easily. Glass, even more so, and with a sharp hazard to boot. Baggies For dispensaries, these container types also mean received shipments may break open, mixing products and causing expensive waste.

Why the tin can is a classic solution

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If you shop for groceries, (and who doesn’t?) you know that aisle. Stacked in neat columns and lasting for years on the shelf, canned goods stay fresh longer. Why? They stay sealed air tight, preserving the contents away from light and oxygen. Oxygen promotes the growth of mold and bacteria, which can ruin herb over time.

Innovative packaging company N2 Packaging Systems LLC brings that quality of product preservation to cannabis. Several cannabis companies are already hoping on the tin can wagon, like Honest Marijuana from Steamboat Springs, CO.

Anthony Franciosi, the Founder of Honest Marijuana, built his company around eco-friendly principles in their grows, and wanted to continue that dedication all the way to the consumer.

Our tin cans with pure nitrogen ensure only the highest level of integrity and quality, as they allow for the cannabis to stay in its purest form and not be deteriorated by light, oxygen, or residual humidity.

The tin cans are also inert to temperature fluctuations, meaning they don’t secrete any chemical compounds that can kill the fresh aroma of the cannabis terpenes. The cans preserve the cannabis flowers for years.

Unlike the typical plastic packaging seen in the market, our tin cans are also recyclable and much better for Mother Earth.

The process behind the performance

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To preserve freshness on the ultimate level, the food-grade tin cans are filled with cannabis, then nitrogen purged and vacuum sealed with liquid nitrogen to eliminate all oxygen. Not only do the cans keep air out, but they also keep the humidity level constant inside, so buds always come out fresh.

Each container features a pull-tab for easy opening, and a plastic lid so the container is reusable. Even better, the cans are 100% recyclable. The cost of this improvement isn’t cheap, however. While plastic baggies run around 11¢ a piece, the cans come closer to a $1 each. But the upside far outweighs the down.

Longer shelf life changes the entire industry, plain and simple. Dispensaries using the tin cans don’t need to rotate stock as buds lose freshness. Growers don’t have to stop growing when supply piles up. The rush to market gets eliminated.

For consumers, this translates into better products and wider selections. Until now, dispensaries had to stock based on how quickly products sold, translating into just a few popular strains. Now, niche strains like high CBD varieties or rare genetics can see more customers, because they won’t go bad waiting to be sold.

With the dispensaries buying more of those strains, it also means growers have the option to vary their products, improving profits. Already, some of the biggest names in cannabis have made the switch to canned cannabis. Willie’s Reserve, True Humboldt, Mercy Wellness, Rare Dankness, Honest Marijuana, and more are leading the revolution in freshness.

Aug 25, 2017