Understanding The Extended Health Benefits Of Vaping


A recent survey by TVape found that 86% of people they surveyed said they felt better after vaporizing as compared to smoking.

Todd Farmington
Aug 4, 2017

If you’ve been following the news in the past few years you are sure to know that attitudes towards cannabis are changing. With Canada looking at nationwide legalization in a year, things have never looked better for cannabis law reform.

The extended benefits of vaping

Headshops have enjoyed the success of a passionate counter-culture and new technology has birthed the dry herb vaporizer market. In fact, vaporizers in the past five years have started to explode as people search for a more effective, efficient method of ingestion.

It has even spawned review sites like Vapesterdam which, like cell-phone critics, goes over the pros and cons of a given vaporizer to better inform the end consumer.

Marijuana vaporizers are considered by many as one of the best – and safest – ways to consume cannabis. This process eliminates up to 95% of carcinogens associated with combustion of plant matter, saving you from inhaling a lung full of hot, irritating smoke.

A recent survey by TVape found that 86% of people they surveyed said they felt better after vaporizing as compared to smoking, while 92% felt that switching from smoking to vaporizing had benefitted their health.

Cannabis legalization and the future of business

tvape1 Understanding The Extended Health Benefits Of Vaping
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The legalization of cannabis will bring about massive opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to capitalize on a budding industry. In fact, at the recent LIFT Cannabis Expo 2017 in Toronto, TVape hosted their experiential retail concept lounge that enabled people to try their products in a self-serve retail setting, just like an Apple store.

People absolutely loved the concept finding it sleek, simple and inviting. Patrons were allowed to browse around the lounge and use any vaporizer they felt the urge to test.

A separate booth was available for visitors to purchase any of the vaporizers they tried. For the ambitious connoisseur, TVape recommends the Utillian 721. Convection heating, 8 preset temperatures, wax and herb compatibility and simple loading with the magnetic mouthpiece are just some of the ways the Utillian 721 enriches your vapor experience.

This lounge set up does several things right, it allows customers to see, handle and use all the available vaporizers at their own leisure. It allows those who have never vaped before to come into an inviting atmosphere and have a chance to be educated by one of the knowledgeable staff members.

TVape franchise opportunities

tvape Understanding The Extended Health Benefits Of Vaping
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Due to the success of the Lounge at the Lift Expo, TVape is looking to use this concept as a model for future franchising opportunities. TVape hopes that once legalization happens that these types of Lounges will become a staple of the vaporizer community, allowing people to educate themselves about the products before their purchase, along with knowledgeable, passionate staff for guidance.

For more information on the Utillian 721, and other devices and accessories, head to tvape.com.

Todd Farmington
Aug 4, 2017