10 Best #WeedPorn Pics From Instagram This Week


Include the hashtag #HERBWeedPorn on your next beautiful display of your cannabis photography skills to be included in our weekly list.

Lukas W
Jun 11, 2017

We’re highlighting the best of Instagram users’ cannabis photography, sorting through the thousands of #WeedPorn pictures across the site to bring you the best of the best. If you want to a chance to be featured in our weekly top 10, include the hashtag #HERBWeedPorn on your next beautiful display of your cannabis photography skills.

1. Gorilla Glue


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2. Just a sprinkle

3. Purple power

4. More like #WeedArt

5. #HERBWeedPorn

6. Solid foundation

7. Albino

8. It’s potting season!

9. Canada at its finest

10. 22% THC

Purple Pineberry. Flowering time: 8 -10 weeks. THC: 19% – 22% Yield: 400 – 500g/m2

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Lukas W
Jun 11, 2017