Why Do Cannabis Connoisseurs Get Such a Bad Rap?

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who smoke the lovely mary jane, and those who don’t.

Sep 23, 2015
Cannabis is not a gateway drug

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who enjoy our lovely mary jane, and those who don’t.

Marijuana is a healing gift from mother nature that has been proved to help control anxiety, prevent seizures, reduce pain, and spur creativity.

So why do cannabis lovers still get a bad rap?

Ever walk into a bar on a Saturday night? Girls crying in the bathroom, frat kids puking outside, meat heads fighting in the street. Yet these bar-goers aren’t seen as alcoholics. We know this because we either are them, we are friends with them, or we are annoyed by them.

pot 3 Stephen Colbert: Welcome To The First Church of Cannabis

Swig back five tequila shots and a frozen pina colada and you’re just having fun. Smoke a joint or two and to some people, you have a problem. Or worse—you’re a ‘stoner.’

“My friend overdosed on pot,” said no one ever. Sure you might lock yourself in a bathroom stall for eight hours, but you won’t die.

Why are we judged so harshly?

Being judged for doing something non-toxic and totally organic is maniacal. Sugar, caffeine, cigarettes—all have been proved bad for your health yet we are quicker to accept those vices than we are to accept weed.

pot 2 Stephen Colbert: Welcome To The First Church of Cannabis
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We proudly sip on a nicely aged scotch. We enjoy a bottle of red wine from the vineyards of Sicily. We celebrate major life events with expensive bottles of champagne. But whip a joint out at Jacob’s bar mitzvah and you’ll be exiled.

When will we collectively accept that smoking pot doesn’t turn people into lazy, video-game-addicted, brain-dead sloths who lurk in dark basements and live off cheese fries? Even more so, when will we stop considering pot a dirty street drug?

Our favorite misconception of all time

Pot is a gateway drug. Smoking pot DOES NOT lead to sticking dirty needles in your arm. Period. There are many reasons why people turn to crack, heroine, cocaine, meth — but we can assure you, it’s not because they smoked some Mary Jane.

pot 1 Stephen Colbert: Welcome To The First Church of Cannabis

All we’re saying is, live and let live. We don’t endorse hitting the pipe all day every day, but we can’t see the difference between a glass of red wine and a puff of Sour Diesel.

Just to be clear..

Encouraging the use of marijuana doesn’t mean we’re discouraging drinking. We are the first one to pour a nice glass of Malbec after a long day. Hell, maybe even two!

Everything in moderation, whether you’re swigging from the bottle or lighting up a doobie.

Who won’t cheers to that?

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Sep 23, 2015