XJ-13 Is The Ideal Wake-up Weed For A Blissful Day

Oct 6, 2017

By combining two of the cannabis world’s most renowned Sativa and Indica strains, Jack Herer and G13 Haze, cannabis breeders have created a potent Frankenstein strain that’s quickly surged in popularity within the marijuana community: XJ-13

G13 Haze, an Indica strain, is believed by some to be the product of a covert CIA operation in the 1960s to develop the most potent marijuana in the world. While this is likely an urban myth, the fact that enthusiasts had to concoct a government-scandal conspiracy just to describe the potency of this strain is telling in and of itself.

The other half of XJ-13 is the popular Sativa strain, Jack Herer, which is well known for its victories in the Cannabis Cup. Contrary to the debilitating “couchlock” effects of G13 Haze, Jack Herer is known primarily for its energy-boosting properties—the type of marijuana you might reach for if you’ve run out of coffee.

The result of mixing an energetic strain like Jack Herer with the slow-motion-inducing G13 Haze is a strain that might be understood as the cannabis version of a vodka-Redbull. The high experienced from XJ-13 has been described as euphoric, yet functional. In other words, it’s not a social anxiety or pass-out during a movie strain; users of XJ-13 should prepare to have really good conversations (at least they’ll seem that way to you). If you’re preparing for a night out, this strain will fast become your pre-bar ritual.

XJ-13 is also an extremely palatable strain with complex citrus flavors and earthy, pine notes. Many are quick to comment on its unique, pungent flavor. Those who are not regular marijuana smokers may find the flavor overwhelming, but it’s best to think of this strain as an acquired taste. Don’t let that scare you off though, as XJ-13 is a great strain for beginners or those who become anxious easily.

Those who have used XJ-13 like to describe it as the perfect early morning strain, thanks to being half Jack Herer, while providing a satisfying body buzz (unlike the shakes you get from too much caffeine). It’s also a great strain for those experience depression, due to its euphoric properties.

If you’re embarking on a project that requires creativity, XJ-13 will keep you clearheaded, leaving you feeling focused, energized and imaginative.

XJ-13 is average in terms of its difficulty to grow, bountiful in its yield, and only requires seven to nine weeks of flowering. Unfortunately, the plant can be difficult to find as it’s only available to buy as a clone. Therefore growers are encouraged to maintain a mother plant so that you’re always able to grow more, and share the wealth. For best results, keep the plant at a temperature between 68° and 80° Fahrenheit.

If you’re stressed out, in need of an energy or mood boost, or simply looking for an exciting strain that can replicate the success of your past favorites, this strain should be your next buy.

Oct 6, 2017