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10 Signs You Love Weed More Than Others

We all love cannabis, there is no doubt about that. However, there are people who love weed more than others. Here are 10 signs that indicate that.

Loving cannabis isn’t a crime (depending on your state) but there are some of us who love and/or use the plant a lot more than others. These people are sometimes easy to spot in a crowd due to their excessively squinty eyes or cannabis leaf shirt, but there are many other signs as well. Here are some of the signs to tell if you love weed more than others

1. 4/20 Is a Holiday Worth Booking Off Work

Photo credit: The Cannabist

Nothing is worse than working on April 20th, it is a day to celebrate everything that is cannabis. Those who are committed to cannabis will not only book it off every year but will also ensure that his co-workers know exactly how many days are left until the next 4/20.

2. You Own More Than One Pair of Huf Socks

Photo credit: Stoner Days

Huf socks are not only extremely comfortable but also show off your commitment to cannabis. If you own 12 pairs, however, you might be wearing them for other reasons than comfort (especially when they go for around $20 a pop).

3. You Start Every Day With a Toke

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This is definitely one of the best ways to start your day, most cannabis smokers enjoy their morning tokes with a cup of coffee. Those who may enjoy cannabis more than others love their wake and bakes!

4. You Have a Repeat 4:19 Alarm On Your Phone

Photo credit: woodmath

Having an alarm set every day which gives you enough time to pack a bowl or roll a joint means you are always prepared to have an awesome 4:20, which also may indicate you love weed a bit more than the average individual.

5. You Own More Than One Marijuana T-shirt

Photo credit: tshirtsandtees

We get it. Sometimes you find a soft, hemp-made t-shirt with a big ol’ weed leaf on it. And that’s okay! But when you cycle through seven throughout the week…you know you may love cannabis apparel more than others.

6. You Have Triples of All Your Smoking Devices

Photo credit: satansayshi

Most cannabis users love having options to smoke out of, it adds variety to the day and each device can lead to a different effect. But when you have triples of various devices because you “just cant help yourself,” you definitely love smoking weed more than others.

7. You Risk the Chance of Getting Caught to Spark Up

Photo credit: ebaumsworld

We’ve all been there: you come across an area that is definitely not appropriate to spark up, but oh wow, would it be amazing if you did. Some people can take this to the extreme however, and disregard all inhibitions—when Snoop Dogg visited the White House he claimed to have lit up in the bathroom. That takes balls.

8. You Refuse to Accept Any Notion Cannabis is Bad For You

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There are lots of papers and doctors who will say that cannabis can be bad for you mentally or physically depending on the usage, but for those that truly love weed, the herb is nothing but positivity.

9. You and Your Budtender are Homies

Photo credit: Coloradommj

Seeing as your budtender is the person who supplies you with all your sticky icky, it is hard to not put him at the top of your all-time favorite people. Do you know all of your budtenders by name? Then you definitely spend a lot of time in there and are one of their favorite weed-loving customers.

10. The Distant Smell of Cannabis on the Street Puts a Smile on Your Face

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When you walk down the street and you smell that distinct aroma of cannabis, you know that someone is enjoying that moment of bliss that you enjoy so much. If you love weed, it’s hard to not have a smile on your face that gets bigger with each sniff of sweet cannabis.

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