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culture | 12.04.2019

The 420 Nurses Get Paid To Smoke Weed And Look Good

Getting paid to smoke pot and look good sounds like a pipe dream. But believe it or not, it’s legit. Just ask the 420 Nurses.

There’s more than one way to make money in this budding business they call the weed industry. Believe it or not, looking good alone can earn you some serious cash these days. Just ask the 420 Nurses, a social network full of hot babes smoking on the Mary Jane. And making an honest living while doing so. But it’s not just a place for sexy women to share a puff. In fact, it’s more like a home. A place where you never feel alone. And yes, they’re hiring.

420 Nurses who get paid to smoke weed and look good

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When people think of jobs in the green scene, they think of budtenders, growers, and medical providers. But there’s another way to make a living in this booming industry. And you can even start today.

Getting paid to smoke pot and look good sounds like a pipe dream. But believe it or not, it’s legit. Just ask the 420 Nurses, a social network group full of gorgeous models whose success is determined by passion.

It all began in 2009 in Los Angeles, California. A group of motivated young women wanted to create a home where girls can be themselves and make money while they’re at it. Now, more than seven years later, the website has thousands of women who are earning a decent income to both model and smoke weed.

While the ladies aren’t there to sell you any bud, they are always ready to party. If you have an upcoming event, convention, or something of the sort, you can pay these ladies not just to model, but also budtend, and even rep your brand.

You can be a 420 nurse, too

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The 420 Nurses community just so happens to be hiring. In fact, they welcome newcomers on a daily basis. That means you too can become one. And start now. The best part of all, there’s no experience necessary. Even if you’ve never modeled a day in your life, it doesn’t matter. They’ll show you how it’s done.

Whether you aspire to become a model, makeup artist, or photographer, 420 Nurses can help get you there. Or rather, you can get you there.

Since 420 Nurses believes in achieving your goals through self-motivation, it’s up to you how far you want to go. Yes, signing up is easy. But just like with any other career, if you want to move up, you need to make it through the stages first. So yeah, there is some effort required.

You don’t have to live in a state where weed is legal, either. In fact, you can live anywhere in the world and still become a 420 Nurse. All it takes is passion, dedication, and love for the 420 Nurses lifestyle.

If you want to join these ladies today, just head on over to the 420 Nurses’ website to sign up. There is even a starter kit for $79.99 to help get you started, and instantly bump you up to intern status. It includes 1000 business cards, three tank tops, access to photo shoots and events, and much more.

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