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culture | 12.04.2019

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explains How Cannabis Helps Him

Here is another example of a successful individual who is not afraid of sharing how cannabis helps him – actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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The Marijuana Majority

Here is another example of a successful individual who is not afraid of sharing how cannabis helps him – actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You may know Joseph Gordon-Levitt from several movies such as The Dark Knight Rises, to Inception, and also his upcoming movie, The Walk.

So why is Joseph Gordon-Levitt sharing how cannabis helps him? He actually cares about the demonizing stigma that cannabis has carried for decades and how it is continued to be portrayed negatively throughout society. He personally cannot understand why there is such a negative stigma surrounding the plant – just like all of us.

In an interview with PlayBoy magazine, he explained, “Even though the tide is turning, I think marijuana is overly demonized in our culture. I do know people who let it get out of control and let it play a part in their lives that’s not beneficial. There’s definitely an addictive quality, but it’s psychological. It’s not physically addictive in the way cigarettes or alcohol are physically addictive.”

“Weed helps with creativity”

He even shared exactly how cannabis helps him. Gordon-Levitt shares that cannabis has played an important role with his career. Why? Because it has helped with his creativity a lot. Most of us are aware that cannabis can help with creativity, which we actually published an article about cannabis and creativity recently.

“When I smoke weed I’m more liable to make connections I wouldn’t otherwise make. Sometimes those connections are ludicrous, but sometimes they’re great. You’re like, ‘Oh s—, I might not have thought of that,’ and it actually makes sense in the morning,” he stated.

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However, the 34-year-old actor never smokes cannabis while he is making movies because of the insurance concerns. Although that does not mean he hasn’t smoked with other people within the film industry. He admits to lighting up with director Oliver Stone on several occasions during the time frame they were making the upcoming biopic, Snowden.

“With Oliver it was really nice because most of the time we were in this kind of high-stakes situation of working, and when we were smoking, we just smoked and watched a couple of movies a few times,” he shared.

It is pretty awesome to hear about another extremely successful actor coming out and explaining their thoughts and reasonings as to why they believe cannabis policy and stigma is incredibly ridiculous. There are several celebrities who have enjoyed cannabis, and we need them all to continue to push for changes towards marijuana policy reform and explain how it can be beneficial.

Thank you Joseph Gordon-Levitt for voicing your thoughts publicly!

(Photos courtesy of Wochit and Snowden Trailer)

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