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culture | 11.27.2019

Adam Ill: Meet The Guy Getting Paid To Get Higher Than You

To Adam iLL, cannabis is life. Here’s what he has to say about getting paid to get high, and his advice on how to make it in the cannabis industry.

Adam iLL (aka “The Highest Host” or “The Kosher Stoner”) is a host/personality in the cannabis community. In 2009 he began doing my own show (“The Potcast”), and has continued to work as a host ever since then. He currently hosts “Getting High With” on breal.tv, as well as a variety of cannabis events and parties. Here’s what he has to say about getting paid to get high, and his advice on how to make it in the cannabis industry.

Getting high with Adam iLL

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One of my catchphrases is “I’m higher than you.” I (jokingly) say that’s what I do for a living – get higher than you.

What is your favorite way to consume?

Blunts. Second favorite way would probably be dabbing.

What’s your favorite strain?

For me, it really depends on the day and time. There are too many amazing flavors to choose just one. But if I had to choose a favorite, it would be the iLL OG or a really good headband. Or an amazing original bubba. Like, that pre 98 bubba.

Are you an indica or sativa fan, and why?

Mostly sativas, because they have the terps.

Who’s your favorite person to get high with?

You! My favorite is getting high with as many people as possible, really. Growing up, I was always the really sociable kid, just constantly wanting to meet and interact with everyone I came across; that hasn’t changed.

And cannabis has such a social element, which allows me to do that. When I work, weed is the one thing I know I’ll consistently have in common with what’s otherwise an incredibly diverse community.

So I don’t really have a favorite person to get high with. I’d rather get high with as many new people as possible instead.

Where’s your favorite place to get high?

Get high everywhere! That’s another thing you’ll always hear me say. Because (aside from the obvious), I think wherever you are, any experience in that place is just going to be enhanced/improved by getting high.

What’s your favorite “that time I was too stoned” memory?

I don’t remember. Seriously. I’m always high, so it doesn’t happen often. But if I do get “too stoned,” I have a hard time remembering things coherently. Wait, what was the question again?

If you could have your own strain and name it, what would it be called?

I do currently have my own strain, “iLL OG,” and had one in the past called “Whaaaaat OG.” But if I were to come out with another one, I think the name would probably depend on what strains were used to breed it.

If you could smoke with one person alive or dead,  who would it be?

Jesus. Or Moses. Or Adam. Huh… Apparently I just want to smoke with a biblical figure.

Why are you passionate about cannabis?

Because cannabis is life.

What benefits do you think it adds to society?

I think it goes back to my answer to the last question – cannabis is life. There are the healing properties, the potential to create so many new jobs, it enhances social situations…

Really, if you look at any aspect of our society its likely that cannabis, in one way or another, offers some positive contribution.

What’s your go-to munchie snacks?

I take a Kit Kat, stuff it into a Twinkie and call it a “KitKie.”

What is the closest you have ever come to being “busted” and walked away?

Years ago, I was traveling to Canada for an event. So I get there and notice Customs giving me dirty looks right away. My first thought was that I was just being paranoid.

Nope. I was immediately sent to immigration where they Googled my name, found my social media accounts, proceeded with a full search – and then somehow managed to find a few loose seeds.

Fortunately, testing on the seeds came back negative and I just ended up with a $420 “agriculture” ticket. Oh, and I was also told to “Never come back to our country.”

Should also mention that this was one of my first events that was (technically) “International,” and I had decided not to bring any cannabis with me. Ironic, eh?

Any tips for people just starting out with weed?

Get higher! No, in all seriousness, it depends on what you mean by “starting out with weed.”

With consumption, my tip would be to ease yourself into it, maybe experiment a bit to find out what works for you/what you like. If you immediately go hard you could end up ruining a great thing with a bad first experience.

As far as starting out with working in the weed community, there are a few I’d give based on my personal experience: Be original and genuine, network as much as possible, and don’t burn bridges.

Follow Adam on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, check out his website and tune in to “Getting High With” on b-real.tv.

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