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The 10 Commandments Of Smoking Weed

From vowing not to steal thy friend's lighter to always reloading a cashed bowl, here are the ten commandments of smoking pot.

While getting high doesn’t come with a written manual, there are a few unspoken rules that every pot-smoker should follow. And if you turn your nose up at the thought of rules, think of them more as guidelines.

The whole point of using proper weediquette is to improve your smoke sesh and ensure that you and your homies have an excellent experience.

From vowing not to steal thy lighter to always reloading a cashed bowl, here are the ten commandments of smoking pot.

Thou Shalt Not Bogart Thy Ganja

Unless you want to piss someone off, it’s best to keep the ganja moving. Otherwise, that will probably be the last sesh you ever have with your friends.

Thou Shalt Always Return Thy Lighter

Stealing is a sin amongst stoners, too. So be a doll and return the lighter, or else no one will trust you with one again.

Thou Shalt Always Reload Thy Cashed Bowl

Passing a bowl of ashes is a big no-no. Not to mention, it’s gross.

Thou Shalt Contribute Thy Weed

Showing up to a smoke sesh empty-handed is just plain rude. Always bring your own bud.

Thou Shalt Pass To The Left

Since man lit his first joint, the rule has always been pass the weed to the left. If it’s just two of you, then it doesn’t matter so much. But when smoking with larger groups, passing the green to the left works best.

Thou Shalt Spark Thy Joint When Thy Rolls It

Rolling a joint can take great preparation and patience. For this reason, it’s only polite to let the one who does the work spark it and have the first hit.

Thou Shalt Never Turn Down A Toke

Sitting down for a smoke sesh is like a commitment. Once it starts, you need to finish it until you reach your last nug of weed. If you’re feeling too high, just take smaller tokes. Don’t punk out and ruin the fun.

Thou Shalt Never Complain About Another One's Ganja

Unless it’s growing mold, never complain about someone’s pot. Not only is it impolite, but you’ll likely be kicked out of the session as a result.

Thou Shalt Pick The Music When Thou Brings Thy Bud

Of course, whoever brings bud for the group should be the one to choose the jams. That’s a given.

Thou Shalt Always Corner Thy Bowl

By sparking the edges of your bowl, you’re making the weed last longer.

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