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Did McDonalds Just Welcome Marijuana In Its Colorado Restaurants?

A friend informed me recently that he read online that McDonald’s in Colorado were now allow patrons to smoke weed in the restaurants. So I had to find out!

Smoke cannabis at mcdonalds

Since I moved to Denver, Colorado a few years ago my friends have periodically hit me up with questions about the marijuana industry. Usually, they will call me with questions like – is it true that you can smoke in movie theaters in Denver? Are there restaurants that cook food infused with cannabis? Even if the questions seem a little ridiculous, I always try to have an answer for them.

The setup

For the first time I got a call from a friend (Let’s call him Bill) who didn’t have a question, Bill had a tip. He said:

“You have to go to the McDonalds in Denver that lets you smoke weed inside!”

I was blown away.

Bill sent me the link to the article he just read. It claimed 2 Denver McDonalds locations were converting their play areas into marijuana smoking sections and that more locations in Colorado were going to follow. I couldn’t believe it, not only did McDonalds just decide to serve breakfast all day, but now they are going to allow me to smoke inside too?

The pursuit

mcds pursuit Successful CEOs Who Have Enjoyed The Herb

Without thinking I grabbed my keys and with Bill on the phone I headed to my car. In a blind fury only comparable to Harold and Kumar’s race to White Castle, Bill and I took off toward Colfax Avenue, Denver’s main drag. At this point, I realized that the article claimed only 2 of Denver’s McDonalds were allowing smokers inside – there has got to be a billion McD’s in Denver. I asked Bill, who was still sitting at his desk in Florida, to find me the addresses of the smoker friendly McD’s. He began his Google search while I continued my blind drive on Colfax.

I was filled with excitement. All of the menu items racing through my head. I was thinking to myself—you’ve had McDonalds take out at home while smoking marijuana before, but will it be the same; will the food taste different just because I am in the restaurant?

The burn

mcds punkd Successful CEOs Who Have Enjoyed The Herb

Bill’s voice came over my speakers, “Lane…Lane…GOTCHA!” Bill’s 30 minute run as Ashton Kutcher had been a success – I was punk’d. The hoax that was going around the web since March had resurfaced, and Bill took successfully used it to fool me – his gateway to Marijuana info in Denver. He sent me another link to an article explaining that McDonalds has no plans to open smoker friendly restaurants. I sat in my car and read it while he laughed over the speakers at my misfortune.

I was crushed.

The silver lining

mcds lining Successful CEOs Who Have Enjoyed The Herb

I am sure that if the law permitted, restaurants would begin to open smoker-friendly areas in their locations—currently laws prohibit public establishments to allow marijuana consumption.  Hoaxes are often laughable, but in this case, the hoax is not too far fetched. People clearly desire the privilege to be able to consume marijuana in new places like restaurants, bars, and movie theaters. The days of splitting a Big Mac and a joint with The Hamburglar may not be too far away—just make sure he doesn’t steal your stash!

Have you been the victim of a marijuana hoax? Tell us on social media.

October 16, 2015 — Last Updated
Written by Lane Tr

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October 16, 2015 — Last Updated
Written by Lane Tr

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