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10 Levels Of High Described By Dog Photos

Prepare to actually die when you see these 10 levels of high, as described by dog photos.

They say that humans tend to pick pets that they feel resemble themselves in a way. For cannabis lovers, having a dog that knows your moods, normal and high, is amazing. You always have the perfect smoking buddy, and they let you take all the hits! Pet owners might just appreciate animals more than people. If you love your furry friends, you will love this list of the 10 levels of high, as expressed by dog photos.

1. Feeling it take hold

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Nah, this isn’t doing anything. Hmm… wait a minute. Nevermind. It’s coming on… I feel it now.

2. Everything is funny

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Ahh haa haa haa haa! Stop, stop it! I’m dying! I can’t breathe! Oh god! Ohhh… whooo…. wow. No wait, hee hee hee… do it again!

3. The munchies

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Oh, my god, this is amazing! What is it? Tennis ball, yeah? Cakes? Pizza? I want, like, 50 of them.

4. Loads of energy

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Yeah! Let’s get outside and play some ball. You be the red team, we will be blue. All we need is to grab the ball out of the garage, air it up, and head to the field. Come on! It’s going to be awesome!

5. Drifting in the clouds

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This must be what birds feel like, so light and free. The world is just a beautiful place, you know? Sure there are things we need to fix, but Nature man… it’s so cool. I want to feel like this forever.

6. Sudden inspiration

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Did you know that DOG spelled backwards is GOD? Maybe that is why they always give me treats… it’s a form of worship! But if dogs are gods, then are cats demons? What is cat backwards? Or maybe I need to use feline… enilef? But then shouldn’t I use canine for dog? Wait, that spells eninac… that’s gibberish… okay I lost it. I was really onto something there!

7. Paranoia

Photo credit

Do I look high to you? Can you smell it on me? No! I forgot my cologne at home. Are my eyes red? I can’t go out like this. I walk funny when I am high. Everyone will know!

8. Glued to the couch

Photo credit

I have my blanket. It is warm and fuzzy. I love it so much. I am never leaving this spot. Ever. I can’t reach the remote. It’s too far away.

9. That weird funny place

Photo credit

Okay, I know I asked this before, but do I look completely toasted to you?

10. Totally stoned

Photo credit

Duuuude, just … whoah. I think I need to lie down. The room is spinning. Wait, I’m already lying down. Okay, just don’t move me, or touch me… or … zzzzzzzzzz…..

From these dog photos, where do you end up after a sesh? Tell us your favorite type of high on social media or in the comments below.

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