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5 Reasons Why It’s Best To Get High In The Great Outdoors

Every nature-loving, cannabis enthusiast will agree: Getting high outside is just better.

While hiking, camping, backpacking or just adventuring randomly through the great outdoors, it’s the perfect time to achieve an elevated mindset, to truly experience everything Mother Nature has to offer. Enjoying a high outside allows cannabis enthusiasts the ability to truly take in the beauty of our world, using all five senses, and perhaps notice something they might have otherwise overlooked.

There are many reasons why it’s best to get high in the great outdoors, and with new products made to facilitate just such occasions, it’s becoming much easier. Every nature-loving, cannabis enthusiast will agree: Getting high outside is just better.


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National Parks offer some insane views and provide excellent hiking trails. Imagine watching the sunrise over those mountains, after enjoying an infused breakfast smoothie; talk about breathtaking.

2. Fresh air

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Apartment-air can get stuffy; office air is never not stuffy; car-air, when was the last time that air-filter was even changed? Everywhere we go provides poor air quality, except in nature. Trees and other plant life filter the oxygen, leaving us smokers with pure, clean air to inhale, along with our cannabis.

3. Exercise

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Hiking is a great way to work off those extra pounds the munchies help to acquire. We’re not all the spring chickens we once were, and exercising is the only natural way to get bodies feeling and looking younger. Enjoying a little toke along the way always helps to keep motivation high, too.

4. Relaxation

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Leave the cell phone at home, bring only the essentials along for a nice outing into nature: some herb, a lighter and a reliable smoking piece. Sounds from Mother Nature and smoke from her most magnificent plant are the keys to a relaxing experience.

5. Strengthen immune system

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Feeling under-the-weather is never fun, and definitely not energizing, but studies have shown that getting outside can help to strengthen the immune system, leading to quicker recovery times and falling ill less often. Cannabis has also been proven to help fight off sickness and enhance defenses, so combing the two is a no-brainer.


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Another no-brainer is the combination of Roll-uh-Bowl and the great outdoors. This discrete, silicone bong alleviates the hassle of taking an expensive glass piece on camping or hiking trips and the constant fear  of  breaking a treasured item. Roll-uh-Bowl is virtually indestructible, and the Eject-A-Bowl stem piece comes complete with rubber grips, helping to securely attach the bowl to the down stem for worry-free traveling. For those who prefer dabbing, this bowl also transforms into a dabbing rig.

Roll-uh-Bowl folds in half while housing the bowl piece and down steam inside, all bound tightly with a band featuring their signature slogan, “Smokey Bubbles. Anywhere.” The perfect pocket-sized companion, Roll-Uh-Bowl is a necessity for any outdoor cannabis enthusiast.

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