culture | 01.01.2022

ENTERTAINING: Snoop Dogg Goes To Buy Weed On A Bicycle In Amsterdam

Anything Snoop Dogg is in that relates to cannabis seems to be entertaining…especially when he rides a bicycle to go buy some in Amsterdam.

It’s not everyday you see Snoop Dogg go to Amsterdam to buy some cannabis from a popular cannabis coffee shop. It’s not everyday you see Snoop Dogg riding a bicycle (probably high as hell) either.

With this video, you get the best of both worlds. Snoop Dogg travels to The Bulldog Coffeeshop in Amsterdam and gets a lot of attention along the way. We wonder what strain he ended up getting?

Regardless, it must’ve been an awesome experience watching Snoop Dogg buy some cannabis from your country on a bicycle. As always, Snoop was a great sport about it all and showed a lot of love.


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