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culture | 01.01.2022

Gamers Now Tested For Weed At E-Sports Tournaments

The Electronic Sports League is the first pro gaming league to announce that its gamers will be tested for cannabis.

The Electronic Sports League is the first pro gaming league to announce that its gamers will be tested for cannabis. Well, in fact, they will be tested for everything. Esports will be implementing Olympic level drug procedures to its players in order to screen for Adderall.

Adderall is Esports biggest problem

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As the electronic gaming community continues to grow, and so does its prize pools, so also does its need for drug screening. For Esports, the biggest problem in “performing enhancing drugs” is the use of Adderall. However, Esports drug testing facility is going to cover an Olympic style drug test.

This means that all of the players participating in the Esports pro-gaming competitions will be tested for cannabis too.

Esports maintains that it wants to continue its friendly attitude, fair play spirit and the integrity of their competition. They also believe that the anti-doping policy will help them advance as a sport.

Cannabis and Esports go hand in hand!

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Somehow it seems like Esports is going to lose a lot of fans by pushing this move. Because every gamer knows how nice it feels to sample a nice sativa and settle into a fantasy world of gaming. It seems like cannabis has been the friendly companion of the pro gaming community, and taking it away will probably cause some disappointment.

Less than a decade ago, Entourage entertained the idea of anti-doping in one of their episodes. Vince tells his weed-loving friend, Turtle, that at the video game tournament he was scheduled to compete in is going to drug test him. Alas, Turtle arrives armed with a vial of clean urine, just to find out that there was, of course, no drug testing. Because if they drug tested they would have no players.

It’s clear that the joke Entourage played less than ten years ago is apparently coming true. But it seems that the result will also hold up, and Esports will probably lose a lot of their players.

Esports should try specific drug testing

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If Adderall is the biggest problem for Esports, then they may as well test solely for that. Or perhaps should request prescriptions from those Adderall users. If Cannabis hasn’t been identified has being a performance enhancing drug, then why should they lose so many players as a result of testing for it? Olympic-level drug testing seems excessive, especially in an environment that has been associated with cannabis culture for a long time.

The Electronic Sports League had the opportunity, through legalization, to be the first openly 420 friendly outfit in professional sports. It was nonetheless thrown away by this announcement. What a shame!

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