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Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Conan And A Student Driver Are On A Mission To Score Weed

Anyone who’s been a student driver will know how nerve-wrecking an experience lessons can be, let alone if your boss Conan is the teacher. And your passengers are Ice Cube and Kevin Hart.

“Tupac was one of the biggest thugs I knew, and he always wore a seatbelt” – Ice Cube

This video is one of the reasons we love Conan, oh so very much! It is the ultimate comedy skit which involves rappers, cursing and extremely unsafe behavior.

Conan decides that because he loves his employees so much, he wants to take Diana out for a driving lesson. It seems he´s trying to create an authentic driving experience for her, by putting her in some very compromising situations for a student driver. Anyone who’s been a learner driver will know how nerve-wrecking an experience it can be, let alone if it’s your boss giving the lesson… And your boss is Conan.

Add Ice Cube and Kevin Hart to the mix…

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Conan starts off by giving some very questionable instructions, such as advising Diana not to use two hands while driving because it makes it really hard to text. She also returns the sarcasm by telling Conan that the rules on where to put your hands changed when airbags came out. But maybe he didn’t know that because he started driving before air bags were put in cars. Then Conan encourages Diana to lower her window, so that when she passes someone she can scream “you’re my bitch!” and they will hear her for sure.

As if this driving lesson isn’t hard enough, Diana ends up picking up Ice Cube and Kevin Hart on the side of the road. It all starts with Ice Cube showing excitement over teaching Diana how to do a drive by and Kevin Hart acting like a child by not wanting to wear his seat belt. Ice Cube shuts him down with his Tupac come back.

Check out the video to see the pinata, fried chicken and the rest of this crazy adventure!


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