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If You Like Bob Marley – You Need To See His Movie!

Movies as heavily influenced by marijuana as “Marley” is, don’t often get by me – but this one did. It’s a must see for all Bob Marley fans!

Bob marley movie

Movies as heavily influenced by marijuana as “Marley” is, don’t often get by me – but this one did. Marley is a 2012 documentary on the life, music, and influence of the late legend Bob Marley.

The documentary offers some exclusive footage and interviews with his family and others who were influential in his personal and artistic development.

Bob Marley Movie

Since Bob Marley died in 1981, his popularity has continued to grow, reaching levels that Marley himself never imagined. Marley was always one of the unofficial ambassadors of marijuana culture, but just as his popularity grows, so does his association with marijuana.

The documentary “Marley” takes a deeper look at the Rastafarian culture that Bob Marley embraced so dearly.

Allan Cole, the former manager of Marley’s band The Wailers, recalled,

” When I met him we started the routine. Getting up in the morning, exercise, run, and go to the beach. It became an integral part of our lifestyle”.

marley waterfall 5 Chores To Do While High
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Marley was a very health conscious person and believed in treating his body in the best way possible. Through exercise, meditation, fasting, and his music, the documentary points out that Marley’s success was a byproduct of his passion for life.

Director of the documentary, Kevin Macdonald said about Marley’s beliefs,

“The whole Rasta thing is based on eternal life, and taking care of your body as the temple of the lord. We would run to Cane River falls, and got some video there”.

Spliffs and Soccer for Inspiration

marley soccer 5 Chores To Do While High

Another focus of the documentary is Marley’s love for soccer. There was a lot of footage of Marley playing soccer with his friends and family that were lost over the years, and the documentary brings them back. Many of Marley’s fans were not lucky enough to grow up when the musician was alive, and the scenes of him playing soccer show Marley having some of his happiest moments.

Neville Garrick, The Wailers artistic director said,

“You know that everything Bob does is very competitive, so he really gave it 110%”.

Though Marley loved competition and soccer, he also derived creativity from the sport—and also marijuana.

Desi Smith, a long time friend of Marley,

“he just didn’t play for the fun of it, it was part of the process, before he writes a song he would burn a spliff then go run so you can lively up yourself and get more inspired so the lyrics can come out.”

A Closer Look

The documentary is definitely a must see for Marley fans and marijuana fans alike. Having the opportunity to take a closer look at the life of the legendary reggae master was eye opening.

Marley’s legacy continues to live on through his music and films like these. Next time you have a couple hours to kill, roll up a spliff and dive into the life of Marley.

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November 28, 2015 — Last Updated
Written by Lane Tr

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November 28, 2015 — Last Updated
Written by Lane Tr

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