Mexican Cartels Weed Bazooka

Mexican cartel caught using massive bazooka to launch weed over the border

Mexican Authorities and the CIA confiscated a van with massive amounts of ammunition, marijuana, and a bazooka used to fire pounds of pot across the border.

Nov 27, 2017 - Zack Kotzer

Image via the Mexican attorney general’s office

Mexican Cartels Weed Bazooka

Image via the Mexican attorney general’s office

Remember back in September (I know, it’s been a long year), when Trump said the wall separating the US and Mexico should be ‘see through’ in case someone throws a humongous bag of drugs over it and bonks some unsuspecting rube on the head Fred Flintstone style? Well, it looks like one Mexican cartel is going out of their way to lend that fearsome credence.

In early November, the Mexican Ministry of National Defence and the CIA confiscated a van containing more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition, 800 kilograms of marijuana, and…a homemade weed bazooka used to fire stuff across the border. The smugglers had been shooting 45-kilogram parcels of narcotics from the border town of Agua Prieta, situated just next to Arizona. And they weren’t alone in their strategy.

Cartels have been using all kinds of ACME cartoon logic to launch drugs across the border lately, from drones in Calexico to trebuchets in Arizona. Apparently, this is the second weed bazooka discovered in Agua Prieta. However, authorities aren’t certain if the clunkier 2016 cannon was being used by the same group. (Meaning there is either one cartel that’s all about weed cannons or we’re seeing the beginning of a very silly trend.)In 2013, Mexican police also discovered a similar, albeit much more rinky-dink air cannon, shooting marijuana into California. 

As the Trump administration’s ramps up their rhetoric about building a wall that’s taller and, uh, solar powered, tensions from border town cartels just gets weirder. It seems the taller the wall gets, the bigger the weed bazookas become.

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