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Photo courtesy of SnoopDoggVEVO via Youtube

culture | 01.01.2022

Snoop Dogg takes us to church with a weed-infused Gospel album

Praise the holy herb.

For many pot lovers, smoking weed might be seen as something akin to religion. And now, Reverend Snoop Dogg is here to take us to church. The Dogg Father has decided to release a Gospel album titled, Bible of Love. This week, he blessed us with five of the upcoming songs from the project including a visual for song “Words of a Few Ft. B Slade.”

The video features our Dogg Father waxing on about smoking the Lord’s sacred herb from the inside of a church accompanied by Grammy-winning gospel singer B. Slade. In the background, a gospel choir supports the singer with soulful harmonies.

The sound of the album so far serves as a rich blend of the hip-hop and lyrical genius we’ve come to expect from Snoop, but with newfound levels of divinity. Other songs on the album like “Blessing me Again Ft. Rance Allen emphasize a deep 70’s synth and boogie beats. All of the tracks from this spiritual wake and bake will be available on March 16.

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