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Society Jane Wants To Teach Women About Cannabis 101

Also known as “The Good Girl’s Cannabis Club,” Sanfransico-based Society Jane is a women’s collective that puts together pot-friendly parties.

Nowadays, people, women especially, don’t want to smoke weed just to get high. Instead, they want products with doses that are easy to control. Also, ones that are consistent in what they deliver. Society Jane, also known as “The Good Girl’s Cannabis Club,” is benefiting women of all ages by providing exactly that while incorporating Jewish values. From topicals to organic French fruit gelées, it’s not just THC-infused goodies that this Tupperware-esque pot party has to offer. They also aim to educate on a variety of topics, including women’s health and the healing abilities of medical cannabis.

The Society Jane experience

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It’s not always easy to tell what women want. But when it comes to cannabis, it’s pretty simple. Today, the majority of women just want to enjoy the herb. But without being glued to the couch for days.

Andy Greenberg, co-founder of Society Jane, can agree. It’s all about consistency and knowing what’s inside each product. Also known as “The Good Girl’s Cannabis Club,” San Fransico-based Society Jane is hosted by Greenberg and her business partner Sharon Krinsky. It’s a women’s collective that puts together pot-friendly parties and offers women the products they are looking for, education, and so much more.

So, what can you expect from such a gathering? For starters, you’ll need a medical card to attend. The setting is private, and typically 10-20 or so ladies join in. During the evening hours, for the most part. Along with cocktails and sparkling wine, there are samples.

Samples containing THC, of course. One of them being a lubricant that enhances sexual pleasure. You can take them home, ask questions about them, and just get to know all about them. There are also guest speakers that attend as well, who address topics about women’s health and “Cannabis 101,” a beginner’s guide to the herb, which is quite a hit with seniors, says Greenberg,

The hostess of a party coming up is 80, and her friends are around that age. They lived through the ’60s, so they’re certainly aware of cannabis… but it’s been several years! Now what they want is alleviating arthritis and inflammation.”

“The healing and compassion element of cannabis felt really Jewish”

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After doing some research and focus grouping, Greenberg and Krinsky were inspired to launch Society Jane in 2015. And growing up in a Jewish household, Greenberg found that the healing and compassion element of cannabis felt all too familiar,

The healing and compassion element of cannabis felt really Jewish and interesting to me. But there’s also a social-justice element.

When I was sitting in services a few weeks ago, and the parsha said, ‘tzedek tzedek tirdof,’ – justice, justice shall you pursue – I almost cried. That’s it! I want to do that!

As part of Jewish tradition, Greenberg says doing Tikkun Olam and practicing gemilut Chasidim (acts of loving-kindness) is a must. So, in her eyes, she figured why not use cannabis to help people live happy lives free of pain?

In the future, Greenberg and Krinsky are hoping to add an advocacy element to Society Jane. But for now, their primary focus is hosting invite-only parties, where they can educate women on cannabis. And introduce products that can potentially help them in the long run.

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