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Culture | 08.14.2019

These Are The Weed Strains That Rap-Royalty Smoke On The Daily

These cannabis strains are certified by rap legends like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Action Bronson

One of my favorite things about weed is that the best strains aren’t all that expensive. If you wanted to try chef Gordon Ramsay’s favorite meal, or wine sommelier Michael Broadbent’s favorite red wine, you might be looking at a few hundred dollars each. But what if you wanted to try Snoop Dogg or Wiz Khalifa’s favorite strain of weed?

Not only are these strains highly affordable, but these certified rap and weed legends have made their preferences well known to the public. So want to listen to “French Inhale ” while getting high on the same stuff Snoop and Wiz are smoking in the music video? Now you literally can.

Snoop Dogg

It’s hard to name just one favorite strain of Snoop Dogg’s. Depending on who you ask, Snoops favorite strains will vary. Some of these strains include AllSaints OG, Girl Scout Cookies, and Herijuana, according to High Snobiety. But if you ask LA Weekly, Snoops favorite strain is Grandaddy Purple. Then again, you could always just smoke Snoop Dogg OG, the weed strain named after the rap legend. In all honesty, any of the strains mentioned above will do—it’s hard to imagine a connoisseur of Snoop’s stature sticks to just one favorite. Just make sure you roll it up in some Zig-Zags: as Snoop said back in 1993, “keep the motherfucking blunt in your pocket loc ‘cause Doggy Dogg is all about the zig zag smoke.”

Wiz Khalifa

If there’s one person on this planet who could smoke more weed than Snoop Dogg, it’s Wiz Khalifa. Wiz has largely made a career out of rapping about weed. Even Wiz’s major controversies revolve around his love for weed. In fact, nearly 70% of all Wiz Khalifa songs are about weed according to one report.  It’s hardly surprising then that Wiz’s favorite weed strain is named after himself: Khalifa Kush. Unfortunately, Wiz is the only one with access to this strain. But the next closest thing, according to Leafly, is OG Kush.

Schoolboy Q

Weed saved Q’s life. So naturally, he’s spent the rest of his life honoring it. As he says in one interview, weed stops him from getting into trouble and helps him be a better father. To accomplish this, Q’s favorite strain is reportedly Soul Assassin OG.  This strain is a hybrid originally concocted by the Soul Assassins Crew, an affiliate of Cypress Hill, according to Leafly.  This bud will leave you as happy, relaxed and according to one reviewer, “Very Horny.”

Action Bronson

Bronson smokes his weed a little differently than the other rappers. His favorite thing to smoke, according to an interview on the FRANK show, is Hardcore OG Shatter, which is made by West Coast Cure, and smoked as a “dab.” Dabbing means smoking concentrated THC extract resembling emerald glass, using a bong and high powered torch lighter. For anyone that enjoys a slightly unconventional, powerful bong hit, Bronson recommends Hardcore OG Shatter.


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Alchemist is a producer, not a rapper. He’s worked with Prodigy, Curren$y, Odd Future’s Domo Genesis, and much more. He’s also Eminem’s official DJ. Just like Snoop, Alchemist likes to smoke Girl Scout Cookies. A multiple Cannabis Cup winner, Girl Scout Cookies are undoubtedly a popular and critically acclaimed strain. Smoke this strain if you’re looking to feel happy or euphoric. It’s a hybrid that won’t leave you too tired and provides a nice cerebral, psychoactive component.

Killer Mike

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Known by most for his work in the rap group Run The Jewels, Killer Mike is a rappers’ rapper. In Hood Politics, Kendrick Lamar raps “Critics want to mention that they missed when hip-hop was rappin’ Motherfucker, if you did, then Killer Mike’d be platinum.” He’s also known for his political activism. Last year, Mike showed off his immense political knowledge in an interview with Bernie Sanders during the primaries. If you want to smoke like Mike, the strain of choice will depend on which country you’re in.  In an interview with Blare Magazine, Mike says that when he’s in Canada, he smokes Jack Herer. Back home in the states though, he likes to smoke “Diesel” (likely referring to Sour Diesel.)

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