Two of the biggest marijuana icons get high on 4/20 and go to KFC in Amsterdam. Listen to Snoop Dogg tell this hilarious story.

What happens when Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson meet up in Amsterdam on 4/20 and go to KFC together? Listen to Snoop tell this hilarious story.

May 24, 2015 - HERB

You know who’s 4/20 probably topped yours? Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson’s. As some of the biggest icons and users in cannabis history, both the music legends ended up meeting up in Amsterdam on 4/20 and “enjoyed life” together.

Once the munchies started kicking in, they had to obviously find some food. Where else to satisfy their hunger other than KFC? Listen to Snoop Dogg tell a hilarious and historical moment.

We salute Snoop for his generosity – that first piece of chicken is a big deal when munchies have taken over.

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