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culture | 01.01.2022

World’s Biggest Dab Hit Proves You Can’t OD On Cannabis

Ever wanted to see the biggest dab to be consumed in under 5 minutes? This 22 gram (yes 22 gram) dab will leave you in shock.

Some people just feel like pushing the boundaries. This includes how much people can smoke – or dab. For those who do not know the power of dabbing, understand that it is a lot stronger compared to smoking flowers.

Mountain Man on the biggest dab mission

Consuming 22 grams in about four minutes sounds like a lot normally, right? Well, just think about 22 grams of DABS. That is not an easy (or normal) task in the slightest, and the cough and high after consuming that amount in less than five minutes is on a whole different level.

And you’ll see that this man was definitely on a whole different level after this session. Watch “Mountain Man” absolutely destroy the biggest dab in one sitting and witness the aftermath. Don’t worry, Mountain Man survives – and gets out-of-this-world baked.

This is just another documentation of how you can’t overdose on cannabis, right?

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