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10 Things You’ll Understand If You Love Eating Weed Salads

Do you get excited about raw cannabis? Are you constantly trying to find new ways to eat weed salads? If so, you’ll understand these ten things.

Smoking weed is great, but you know that there’s a reason you should be eating it too. After all, cannabis is a superfood. Here are 10 things you’ll appreciate if you get your daily dose of vitamin weed from eating weed salads.

1. Kale just doesn’t do it for you

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Some people get excited about kale. Not you. Why? Because you know the truth. Cannabis > Kale.

2. Struggling to find fresh cannabis leaves

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The struggle is real. Sourcing quality cannabis fan leaves is no easy feat. In fact, it feels pretty much impossible at a certain point.

3. People asking you if you’re going to get high

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You eat weed salads to get high? No. Eating raw weed isn’t for the psychoactive effects. That is what cannabis olive oil is for.

4. That rough scratchy feeling

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Let’s be honest, the first time you try raw weed you’re shocked. The leaves were kind of scratchy. Now you kind of dig it.

5. Secretly enjoying the bitter taste

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Some people try and hide the bitterness. You embrace it.

6. Other salads are disappointing

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Quinoa spinach goat cheese salad? Meh. Would be better with cannabis.

7. Getting really excited about terpene combinations

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Some people get hyped about the smells but you’re all about those flavor combinations.

8. Explaining why you don’t want to decarb your weed

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Yes, I know how to decarb and no I don’t want to. I’m after cannabinoid acids.

9. Trying to find new recipes for weed salads online

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You can only have a cannabis salad so many ways. Well, until you look online that is.

10. Feeling like you’re on cloud 9

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The real reason you love eating raw cannabis salads? Your body feels amazing.

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