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health | 01.09.2020

School Uses “Marijuana Goggles” To Misinform Kids About What It’s Like To Be Stoned

The goofy marijuana goggles claim to create impairment for users through their unique lenses that remove the color red from the user’s vision..

Let’s agree that there is a time and place for everything. Taking time to smoke a J before a job interview—probably not the best time. Stretching before running in a track meet—probably the best time.

Apparently some students from Hancock County, Indiana think now is the best time to start putting the “marijuana scare” into their classmates. Formed from 4 schools in the county, these high school students represent The Hancock County Youth Council. Their mission is to end alcohol and substance abuse in their schools.

Enter Fatal Vision

A product designed to create a similar impairment to that found from consuming marijuana. It is worth noting at this point, that use of this product will neither kill your vision nor will it give you Cyclops like powers. These goggles are now in the hands of the Youth Council who are providing them to classmates in, what can only be described as an attempt to scare marijuana curiosity out of their systems.

mj goggles 01 School Uses Marijuana Goggles To Misinform Kids About What Its Like To Be Stoned
Photo credit: Fatal Vision

The goofy goggles claim to create impairment for users through their unique lenses that remove the color red from the user’s vision. Lenses that will cut the color red from your vision? That could certainly cause a problem. Just not a problem that I’ve experienced from marijuana use.

WISH-TV reported that members of the Youth Council tested the goggles by simulating driving a car as well as completing simple mazes.

“It’s very important to realize that these might not be the exact results, but these are very close to exactly what some people in our community are going out and driving in,” said New Palestine Senior Keelie Baker

The experience

mj goggles 02 School Uses Marijuana Goggles To Misinform Kids About What Its Like To Be Stoned
Photo credit: Fatal Vision

The students reported issues seeing flashing lights, like those found in the dreaded roadblock. They also reported an inability to see brake lights. More interesting is the result found from trying to complete simple mazes. Students took an average of 4 times longer when trying to complete the mazes while wearing the goggles. Perhaps wearing the goggles actually makes completing mazes more FUN—why does longer mean more difficult?

The students do understand that not all their classmates will buy into the goggles – likely those students that have already tried marijuana and since come back to reality will not. But, the students believe that the goggles will be most effective in scaring younger students.

“I think it kind of scares them. Especially younger kids… I think it impacts them a lot because they can see how real it is,” said Mount Vernon Senior Blair Viehweg.

Exploiting fear

The company responsible for Fatal Vision also sells goggles to simulate other impairments. The company’s business model is clearly based on exploiting fear in the public. Another product they offer called D.I.E.S., which cleverly stands for “Danger In Every Step”, helps guide you toward an understanding of the dangers of leaving the home intoxicated. In theory, if you spend too much time on their website you will discover fears you never knew you had.

Again, there is a time and place for everything. If your goal is to speed through a maze exercise, don’t wear these goggles. If you want to take your time and get lost in the maze, forego the $997 price tag on the goggles and just smoke a little marijuana.

I am not suggesting that youngsters should not be exposed to the effects of marijuana and alcohol in a safe way. Giving them the opportunity to understand these substances can be crucial in their future decision-making. It is, yet, our responsibility as adults to be sure that the experience they are having is accurate. Can we be sure that the creators of this product are even aware of what it’s like to be high? Smoke a little bit; compare your feelings to those of the students wearing the goggles. Now, YOU decide.

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