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Weedman Needs Your Help To Replace The ‘Weedmobile’

Trenton police have turned the ‘Weedmobile’ to nothing more than a scrap of metal, and Weedman needs your help to replace it.

Ed Forchion, the cannabis activist that also goes by NJ Weedman, has been in an endless battle with Trenton police. Now that his infamous ‘Weedmobile’ is nothing more than a scrap of metal, Forchion is turning to the public for help to replace it. Not only did authorities destroy the 1986 Ford E-150, but they also did so for unjust reasons. Because of the pro-weed art displaying on the vehicle, Trenton police demolished it. As a result, NJ Weedman is relying on public support to help bring back not just some car, but a symbol of freedom.

Help replace the legendary ‘Weedmobile’

Can you imagine someone confiscating your vehicle because of the imagery displaying on it? This is what has happened to cannabis activist Ed Forchion, aka NJ Weedman.

Trenton police have destroyed the infamous ‘Weedmobile’ and Forchion wants help from the public to replace it. Forchion wrote on an Indiegogo fundraiser page that he’s hoping to collect around $7,500 to replace the 1986 Ford E-150,

Trenton police called Forchion’s weedmobile an ‘irritant,’ and it was reduced to a hunk of metal after Forchion got into a pissing contest with Trenton Police Captain Gonzales over hours of operation.

The ‘Weedmobile’ isn’t the only thing that makes a statement. In fact, according to a Trentonian article from August, Forchion gave a famous Los Angeles graffiti artist $300 cash, an ounce of weed and an expensive bong to paint a political statement on the side of his ‘Weedmobile’ in 2008.

If that’s not enough of a statement to motivate you to help bring back the vehicle, then what is? For Forchion, the ‘Weedmobile’ is more than just some ordinary car,

Just like (Douglas) MacArthur rode the submarine back from the Philippines, I felt the same way about the van.

Did Trenton police destroy the ‘Weedmobile’ out of spite?

Weedman Wants Your 1 Weedman Needs Your Help To Replace The ‘Weedmobile’
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In April, several SWAT team members and heavily-armed cops raided Forchion’s eatery that’s located across from City Hall, which Trenton police describes to have a “marijuana temple” attached.

As a result of the raid, 11 people were arrested, including Forchion. Authorities also seized $19,000 worth of cannabis, according to officials.

Although police charged NJ Weedman with multiple drug offenses, he did not accept a plea deal, saying he has the right to a fair trial.

In August, Forchion spoke with the Deminski and Doyle show on New Jersey 101.5, saying that he believes authorities sent the ‘Weedmobile’ to the crusher to be spiteful.

In fact, according to Forchion, no one ever notified him that he had 20 days to pick the vehicle up. After 20 days, Hawk’s Towing and Recovery considers a car abandoned and therefore demolished it. As of now, the police have yet to comment on the fate of the car.

At the present time, the fundraiser has only collected $265 from nine backers. With this in mind, NJ Weedman is going to need a lot more support to bring back the vehicle.

If you would like to make a contribution, you can donate here and read more information about the incident.

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