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sports | 01.01.2022

Snowboarding Gold Medalist Performs Best With Cannabis

Watch this fascinating interview with Olympian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati where he explains his progressive view on cannabis as a performance enhancer.

Do you know the story of Ross Rebagliati?

The Canadian was the first athlete to win an Olympic gold medal in snowboarding, before getting it temporarily stripped for testing positive for cannabis.

Watch this fascinating interview with Ross where he explains his progressive view on cannabis, both as a life and sport performance enhancer, backed by a lifetime of experience.

Cannabis is as integral to Ross’s life as food or exercise — it increases his appetite, making it easier for him to get the fuel he needs to perform at a high level. But even on the slopes, cannabis is a critical component:

“When you’re going fast on skis, your mind is actually processing things faster than it would normally, which creates the illusion that things are coming at your more slowly. So it gives you more time to make decisions. When you’re competing for 1/100th of a second, you can’t really overlook anything.”

Pain is also a cornerstone of life as an athlete, an issue which is commonly managed with potent pharmaceuticals. Ross and his friend reflect on their preference of cannabis over pills because it allows them to listen to their bodies and be their own best health advocate:

“You can’t feel when your injury is bothering you when you have such strong painkillers. It masks the pain. I just use cannabis as a painkiller.”

“You still feel the pain, it just makes it bearable.”

Ross was one of the very first athletes to have his cannabis use splashed across the media, resulting in public shaming consistent with the times. Now we get to witness sweet redemption as Ross’s name is restored and his image righted into an independent thinker ahead of his time.

This is one seriously awesome guy.

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