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Mini Wrap & Rake Bong

Meet the red and green wrap and rake mini bong!

This little beauty is perfect! It fits in your hand just like an apple. It even looks like an apple!! Now you can be reminded of the good old days (Using an apple to smoke behind the dumpster), while living in the future. Out of its Apple-like body is an intricately designed .999 silver fumed twist neck.

  • Apple Shaped Body
  • 4 Inches High
  • Left Side Carb Hole
  • Unique Neck Design

The bent back neck allows the user to be away from the flame as they light the bowl and watch the magic happen. This piece has a left side carb hole and a bowl with a slide Attached. This little bong stands at 4 inches high and promises to make up for its size with its massive rips. It rips like a champ. If you love beautifully designed mini bongs that hold an impressive amount of water look no further.

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