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Rooted in muddy waters and breaking the surface to bloom magnificent and whole, the lotus flower is a symbol of perseverance, purity, and hope. During this challenging year, we wish you the courage and strength required to rise through the mud and bloom into who you are meant to be. Included with your Lotus:

  • Lotus Vase: 8 x 3 inches 
  • Lotus Tray: 13 x 7.5 inches
  • Lotus Candle Votive & Tea Light: 2 x 4.5 inches 
  • Bee Line & My Bud Life Hemp Wick: 9ft 
  • Custom Slide: 9 millimeter 4” purple bubble bowl 
  • Fixed Downstem 
  • Orange & Yellow Cosmos Flower Pokers 
  • My Bud Vase tag & Certificate of Authenticity

Let the Lotus set be a reminder that despite the obstacles you may face to reach the surface, you should trust the unseen path that leads you to the sun.

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