Klein Incycler Single Stack

The Klein Incycler Single Stack is Prism’s premier setup for function and size within the custom bong fam. This piece is beefy, but makes the hit milky smooth. The function is perfect due to the showerhead uptake percolator at the bottom of the base with the recycler intake at the top of the base for a continuous flow of water throughout the base. 

With our custom bong system, it’s easy to break it down for ease of cleaning, part replacement, switching it up, and throwing in a backpack for an adventure.


  • Klein Incycler Base Thicknesses: 5mm
  • Bent Mouthpiece Thickness: 5mm (base) & 4mm (neck)
  • Overall Height: 12.5″
  • Tube Diameter: 1″ (mouthpiece) 2.5” (base)
  • Bowl Joint: 14mm female

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