The Loud Cloud Bundle

In our gorgeous cannabis culture “LOUD” means one thing, “GREAT WEED” and our Loud Cloud Bundle provides exactly that. A true sampler of our smokable products at an incredible discount. This bundle comes with 4 ready to smoke joints, 5 grams of top quality flower, and 5 grams of our famous Moon Rocks (basically a super potent hash). There’s enough LOUD in this deal to start a concert. 

-Contains 4 prerolls, 5 grams of flower, and 5 grams of Moon Rocks 

1x Mowie Wowie Prerolls (Comes with 2 X 1.3 gram joints) 

1x Ekto Kooler Prerolls (Comes with 2 X 1.3 gram joints)  

1x Strawberry Lifter, 5 grams of Flower 

1x Bubba Kush Cookies, 5 grams of Moon Rocks

-All products are multistage lab tested



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