Sol Berry – Gelato Flower

Gelato is considered a true hybrid strain that brings the best of both worlds in a balanced high. A seasonal LEUNE fan-favorite, award-winning hybrid flower packaged in a resealable glass jar that keeps your bud fresh and sticky for a long time. Each jar comes with a total of 3.5 g of this enticing cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mints GSC. Gelato scents tend towards the fruity side but the taste features a herbal, minty, and earthy bang.

  • 50/50 hybrid strain
  • 30% THC

The hybrid qualities of the Gelato strain make a perfect mix of happy and chill with a creative boost that lasts throughout the whole day. Although THC levels are kept to a moderate level, the flower still provides a strong physical sensation that combines just right with the clear-headed effects of this firecracker of a strain.




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