Most Beautiful Cannabis Dispensaries

Some of the most beautiful cannabis dispensaries in the world are on America’s West Coast.

Pete Davidson during an SNL skit. The comedian recently retracted his decision to quit weed.

Comedian Pete Davidson says “everything was just way worse” when he stopped smoking weed.

Hint: “Mad weed and mad tequila” according to Charlamagne Tha God.

Rihanna Took Charlamange Tha God to a "Hood Spot" With "Mad Weed and Mad Tequila"

He quite possibly has the most epic collection of bongs on earth.

Action Bronson performs onstage. action bronson spent $20,000 on this bong -- shown on Herb's website.

Shawn Mendes is not happy with the interview.

Shawn Mendes performs onstage. He recently admitted in a Rolling Stone interview that he likes weed and now his fans are freaking out.

He smokes weed “all day, every day.”

A Mike Tyson TV Show is in the works.

All you need to be a “Heavy Hitters Original” is personality and passion.

The rapper renounced weed on Instagram, but a recent photo appears to tell a different story.

Joey Bada$$ performs onstage.

From the longest blunt to the biggest nug, these are the cannabis world records.

When we compare weed to alcohol, we reinforce the idea that they’re similar.

Why It Makes No Sense to Compare Weed to Alcohol

The other names were Octavia, Luna, and Houdini for the Vancouver Aquarium’s newest resident.

A close up of octopi tentacles. The Vancouver Aquarium just named their newest octopus after Seth Rogen.

You might be surprised by the places with the cheapest weed in the world. We were.

A youngster prepares a marijuana joint during the World Day for the Legalization of Marijuana in Medellin, Antioquia department, Colombia on May 3, 2014. In this article we feature all the cheapest weed in the world. Colombia ranks number two on that list

Noah Cyrus chilling on pillows of weed is just what we need right now.

Noah Cyrus doesn't care if you know how much weed she owns.

Matthew McConaughey tells Jimmy Kimmel about getting “snooped.”

Snoog Dogg switches Matthew McConaughey's fake weed for real weed on the set of their new movie "The Beach Bum."

They bonded over Mike Tyson’s new weed strain.

Mike Tyson

The new collaboration between Six Hundred Four and Cypress Hill is a cannabis enthusiast’s dream.

Vancouver-based luxury shoemaker Six Hundred Four has announced a special edition pair of shoes dedicated to Cypress Hill’s hit record Black Sunday.

From makeup mogul to cannapreneur, the rise of Jeffree Star continues.

Jeffree Star is the entering the cannabis space.