Three Cannabis Enthusiasts Give their thoughts on recreational marijuana legalization in Canada on October 17th 2018

Everyone will remember this moment differently.

Dillon McArdle is among the people hurt by canadian legalization

They’re calling it “Prohibition 2.0”

Walmart Considers Selling Cannabis-Infused Products. Here, the exterior of a walmart is shown

Some of the largest corporations in America are wondering whether it’s time to get into the cannabis space.

Growing quality cannabis starts with respect for the plant

A worker in the 7ACRES facility tends the canopy

Legalization has become official in Canada, but what will happen to those who have been previously charged with cannabis possession?

What Happens To Cannabis Offenders After Legalization?

Before you start celebrating with that fat blunt—consider this.

A man is shown smoking in his home. In this article, Herb writer Miro Tomoski writes about the downsides to Canada legalizing weed

Today, more than a century of prohibition ends.

It's Official: Legal Weed is On Sale in Canada. Here, a crowd is shown celebrating

Danielle Russell, also known as Deliciously Dee, approached Cypress Hill’s B-Real with a bag of candy, and the rest is history.

Deliciously Dee and rapper B-Real collaborate on a cannabis-inspired cookbook.

Toronto goes up in smoke on October 17. Here are seven places you will want to be.

A gathering of people at an event. October 17 marks the day adult-use cannabis is recreationally legal in Canada.

Further, police in Michigan promoted an organization making blatantly unverifiable claims about cannabis and calling them “facts.”

Police in Michigan are being accused of censoring pro-cannabis Facebook comments ahead of the legalization vote.

In addition to falling rates of drug trafficking, violent crime has significantly declined in states that have legalized medical cannabis.

Drug trafficking at the borders of states with legalized cannabis is at a 10-year low

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher says he has been talking to people inside the White House about cannabis legalization.

During the 2016 election, then-candidate Donald Trump made multiple references to his opinion on cannabis and its legalization. Now the White House is expected to reveal its legalization policy after the election.

According to Space Tango, the plants might thrive better in an environment without gravity.

Space Tango CubeLab floating inside the International Space Station before installation in the TangoLab facility.

The cannabis industry is slated for massive growth—and it’s bringing other markets along for the ride.

Makeup is one of the major industries being disrupted by cannabis. CBD mascaras and a brow gel are now available at Sephoras

You can now learn what it’s like to operate in the grey market…without the risks.

Learn to Run a Cannabusiness While Gaming With Weedcraft Inc. Here, a man is shown playing a video game on his mobile phone

From famous musicians to a former president, here are the best quotes on why weed is better than alcohol.

Actor and comedian, Nick Offerman, is vocal in his beliefs that weed is is better than alcohol.

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