Cannabis Milk

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Yet another way to consume weed is by making Canna Milk or also called Marijuana Milk. Check out this easy recipe and have a tea with milk that will really get you high..

Mar 6, 2007 - HERB


1L of full fat milk*
25g of finely powdered cannabis*
* A good rule of thumb is a joint worth of cannabis for each ¼ liter of milk. The more milk you use, the more cannabis you add proportionally.


  1. Bring your milk to boil and let simmer using the double boiler method, or if you're brave enough, direct low flame.
  2. Add your cannabis to the milk bit by bit while stirring continuously, until the cannabis is completely covered by the milk.
  3. Simmer and stir occasionally for 30-45 minutes.
  4. You will notice your milk turn a yellowish-green color.
  5. Remove from the flame and strain well with a cheesecloth, making sure to squeeze out every last drop of green milk.
  6. Allow it to cool and serve in shot glasses either warm or chilled.
Note: If you notice skin forming on top of the milk, don't panic, just make sure to break it up by stirring! This is a great way to make weed tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or any other beverage that goes great with milk a THC infused treat!  

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