8 Ball Kush Weed; b Ball Kush Cannabis Strain; 8 Ball Kush Indica Marijuana Strain
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8 Ball Kush Marijuana Strain

8 Ball Kush, descended from Afghani Kush from the Hindu Kush region, offers marijuana enthusiasts the relaxing effects of a pure Indica strain with the subtle mental buzz typically associated with Sativa strains. This pure Indica bud can pack a potent body high, making it a great choice for weed consumers with some experience.

8 Ball Kush is an Indica marijuana strain often used to treat stress, anxiety and depression. The combination of cerebral lift and physical relaxation will leave marijuana consumers feeling uplifted and calm.

8 Ball Kush Experience

While 8 Ball Kush has a surprising amount of the cerebral effects weed consumers would typically associate with Sativa strains, this 100% pure Indica marijuana offers a deep, whole-body buzz perfect for relaxation and pain relief. Over many years, the desirable genetics of Afghani from the Hindu Kush region were bred to create 8 Ball Kush, which is notable for being easy to grow in many conditions.

This is a decently potent marijuana strain which can sneak up on novice cannabis consumers with either its heady effects or strong body high. In smaller doses, the experience is mellow, with euphoric sensations that leave cannabis consumers feeling happy and uplifted, with some even feeling a boost in creativity. Once the head buzz fades, a deeply relaxing body stone sets in that eases muscle tension and may even lull some marijuana enthusiasts to sleep.


Traits of 8 Ball Kush and 8 Ball Kush Seeds

This strain has a strong earthy fragrance with spicy undertones, almost like cracked pepper, with flavors that are much the same. Marijuana consumers might find the taste and aroma of 8 Ball Kush very similar to that of hashish, while real connoisseurs will notice tones of sage and some woody flavors on the exhale. 

This strains seeds produce large buds which are covered in a beautiful crystal resin. Twists of amber pistils coil their way through the bright green leaves, which are spotted with darker patches of almost purple, giving this strain some real bag appeal. Marijuana enthusiasts will want to have a grinder on hand as this can be some tough weed to bust up by hand.

Medical Benefits of 8 Ball Kush

Medical marijuana patients who are typically sensitive to Sativa strains can still enjoy this strains Sativa effects without worry about repercussions.

  • 8 Ball Kush is an excellent selection for patients currently dealing depression as it is an excellent stress reliever
  • Marijuana consumers dealing with pain, headaches, muscle spasms and other and uncomfortable muscle-related ailments
  • Those with muscle-related ailments like cramps and spasms often enjoy the high-CBD content in this weed strain.


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