Alien Kush Weed; Alien Kush Cannabis Strain; Alien Kush Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Alien Kush Marijuana Strain

Alien Kush is an Indica marijuana strain. This strain’s pleasant body buzz will relieve aches and pains, leaving cannabis consumers feeling relaxed and happy.

Alien Kush is a mild-mannered Indica-dominant Hybrid. Great for beginners or anyone who wants a more lighthearted experience, this flower promotes a happy, mellow high with a pleasant body-tingling sensation.


Alien Kush Experience

Alien Kush is an easygoing and relaxing Indica-dominant Hybrid. The THC content in this strain can reach up to 19%, but it’s usually lower than that. The low levels of the psychoactive make this strain great for marijuana beginners or for folks that want the Indica experience without getting too toasty.

A Californian cross between Los Vegas Purple Kush (LVPK) and Alien Dawg. Upon first taste, marijuana consumers are met by an elated, euphoric head high. Yet, as the Alien Kush experience settles in, a stronger physical relaxation takes hold. This strain isn’t quite strong enough to induce a serious couch lock. However, it is sleepy and sedative overall.

Recreational marijuana consumers will appreciate the fun, happy vibe this herb provides. Fans of this strain often report feeling more creative and silly. It’s not uncommon to feel a full-body tingle as well, making this a potentially good choice for couples who need a little spice in the bedroom.


Traits of Alien Kush and Alien Kush Seeds

These nugs give off a striking, exotic aroma. Notes of pine and spice appear in the forefront, while marijuana connoisseurs will detect an underlying floral scent.

These scents reflect Alien Kush’s flavors. A slight astringency gives these a robust flavor that clings to the palate. Earthy and woody flavors are also added to the mix, making for a pleasing overall experience.


Medical Benefits of Alien Kush

If this strain is smoked or vaporized, medical consumers can expect about 2 hours of relief from a number of ailments.

  • Moderate aches and pains, appetite loss, headaches, and nausea are easily soothed by this strain
  • If you use this strain about an hour or so before bed, Alien Kush can help you fall asleep with ease
  • Mood disorders, such as depression and stress can be positively impacted by this strain’s sense of mental uplift

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