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strains | 01.01.2022

Blueberry Dream

Blueberry Dream is a variant on the extremely well-known Blue Dream strain, which offers the same uplifting, chatty cerebral high, with a slightly drowsier feeling.

Blueberry Dream is an obscure Sativa-dominant Hybrid marijuana, which may be a phenotype of Blue Dream, one of the most popular strains in the weed world, although its exact genetics are unknown. Like its famous relative, this cannabis provides an easygoing, lighthearted cerebral kick with a tingly physical high. However, it’s reportedly just a bit sleepier than Blue Dream: if you sit down, you’re likely to nod off.

Blueberry Dream Experience

No, it’s not Blue Dream, it’s Blueberry Dream: a very niche variant of the famous Sativa-dominant strain, which typically offers very similar effects, although with a slightly more subdued feeling.

It’s actually not clear why most cannabis enthusiasts would favour this over the original. Maybe it’s on special at your local dispensary? Maybe you’re curious? Whatever the case, this marijuana is a pretty good time, and, at 14% THC, it’s great for the novice, or for the hardcore weed smoker who wants a mellow time.

Those consuming this marijuana will notice the slow approach of a fluttery head high. It’s not the kind of trippy experience where your thoughts will become convoluted and strange, but rather an uplifted, silly, and sociable mood. You might want to go for a jaunt in the wilderness, or a day on the town, or circulate at the party chatting with everyone.

Along with this, there’s a nice, glowy body high: a warm tingle that accompanies the enthusiast throughout this cannabis experience. However, though the general experience is uplifting, some consumers of this weed have reported feeling drowsy when remaining stationary.

Blue Dream is hard to find even in flower form and thus is probably never, or rarely, available in shatter or vape pen format.

Traits of Blueberry Dream

This cannabis consists of bulbous, deep green buds with rusty brown pistils and a slight coating of twinkly clear trichomes. Weirdly enough, though, unlike its parent, this strain lacks a strong taste or smell.

Though there is a very slight blueberry aroma, it mostly just smells, well, like weed of low quality, even though this actually isn’t a low-quality strain. This is the only major downside to this marijuana: otherwise, it’s quite a pleasant experience.

Medical Benefits of Blueberry Dream

  • Relaxant effects of this cannabis could prove useful for patients dealing with chronic stress.
  • Happy uplift potentially pleasing for those dealing with mild depression or other related mood disorders.
  • The sedative effects of this plant may come in handy for insomniacs.

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