Double Diesel Weed; Double Diesel Cannabis Strain; Double Diesel Sativa Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Double Diesel Marijuana Strain

Double Diesel is a sour, tart Sativa-dominant Hybrid which produces an uplifting, focused head high that’s great for creative exploration or socializing.

Double Diesel is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid marijuana that results from award-winning strains NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel. And, though it’s a bit of a niche weed, enthusiasts love it for its uplifting, energetic high that instills creative, sociable feelings without noticeable cloudiness or drowsiness. It’s definitely a daytime strain, which is great for seeing shows, wandering in nature, or any other exploratory activity.

Double Diesel Experience

Want more diesel? Never had enough diesel? Well, now you can have twice the diesel with Double Diesel, a Sativa-dominant blend of NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel.

Like its parents, it’s upper weed: one of those strains that gets you going, rather than slowing you down. And, weighing in at about 14% THC, you’ll definitely feel it, but it won’t totally overwhelm you.

Enthusiasts consuming this weed will feel a headrush coming over them quite quickly. This state will be characterized by fascination, creativity, and curiosity. Some cannabis lovers will feel sociable at this point, or just mobile.

This elevated energy is accompanied by an elevated mood: those who enjoy Sativas will have to fight to keep a silly grin off their faces. Once the high calms down a bit, this giddiness tends to resolve into a state of pleasing focus.

Double Diesel isn’t currently available in alternative formats.

Traits of Double Diesel

Double Diesel doesn’t have a terrific amount of bag appeal: the buds are chunky, dull green, and possess brown pistils. However, the smell is striking, and, to some, quite alluring.

As the name of this marijuana promises, it has a tangy, potent chemical smell. Along with that, however, is a sour grapefruit essence, which makes the overall effect somewhat like smelling a strong shampoo. The smoke is a little astringent, but pleasingly tart.

Medical Benefits of Double Diesel

  • Uplifting emotional effects of this cannabis could be useful for patients dealing with mild depression or other related mood disorders.
  • Relaxant effects potentially helpful for patients with stress or anxiety issues.
  • Slight anesthetic effects may come in handy for those with headaches or other minor aches and pains.

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