Dutch Kush Weed; Dutch Kush Cannabis Strain; Dutch Kush Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Dutch Kush Marijuana Strain

Dutch Kush is an obscure Indica-driven Hybrid marijuana which will lock you down, give you a warm giggly feeling, and banish your pain.

Dutch Kush is an Indica-dominant Hybrid marijuana strain that’s completely mysterious: nobody knows who bred it or what the genetics are. But in terms of its effects, it’s not particularly esoteric weed. It gives the enthusiast a warm, pervasive body buzz, which is very sedative and appetite-inducing. So, don’t consume this 25% THC marijuana if you have a lot to accomplish. Enjoy it in the evening, eat a whole turkey, and go right to bed.


Dutch Kush Experience

So, Dutch Kush is a secretive Indica-dominant Hybrid marijuana strain. Its origin is completely unknown: it’s not clear what the genetics of this weed are, nor who bred it. Maybe it’s not even from the Netherlands, and it’s just named in honor of the famously marijuana-loving country.

Who knows. But don’t worry: it’s a classic Indica in many ways, which will stamp out your pain and anxiety and send you straight to bed. At 25% THC, this weed’s effects are almost irresistible, and it’s probably not for the novice.

Consumers enjoying this cannabis will first notice a warm, tingly wave spreading over them, kind of like sinking into a hot bath. There’s no cerebral headrush here, but rather a silly, simple state of mind, where nothing seems particularly serious, and stress disappears. Quite soon after that, the couch-lock will begin.

This weed will give you the strong desire to become horizontally inclined, as it melts away your pain, and gives you a strong sense of appetite. Be close to your bed and have some chips ready. All of these properties make it excellent medicinal weed, and also totally unsuitable for daytime consumption. Enjoy appropriately.

Traits of Dutch Kush and Dutch Kush Seeds

Dutch Kush is a fairly photogenic cannabis, with deep green buds covered with an impressive dusting of twinkly trichomes. It’s fairly sticky, and it produces a pleasant, multifaceted aroma, composed of earthy tones with overtones of coffee, floral sweetness, and a bit of fruity sourness. Once ignited, this weed produces a rich, shisha-like smoke, whose smell will linger for hours.


Medical Benefits of Dutch Kush

While its genetics might be a little mysterious, medical marijuana patients won’t care where it came from once they sample its therapeutic effects.

  • Anaesthetic effects of this marijuana could make it handy for those dealing with chronic pain.
  • Relaxing qualities potentially useful for sufferers of stress and anxiety.
  • Hunger-inducing effects may please those with various appetite-disrupting disorders.

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