God’s Green Crack Marijuana Strain

God’s Green Crack is a Hybrid marijuana strain with earthy flavors. God’s Green Crack will leave you feeling energetic and is great for treating depression.

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God’s Green Crack, from Jordan of the Islands, crosses two popular strains, God Bud and Green Crack to offer marijuana consumers a Hybrid strain that relaxes the muscles and lifts the mood with a balanced head and body buzz.

God’s Green Crack Experience

In God Bud, God’s Green Crack has a pretty potent parent plant with heavy sedative and psychoactive elements that grower Jordan of the Islands sought to offset by crossing it with invigorating Sativa Green Crack. Cannabis enthusiasts will find a high that begins by lifting their mood and offers a jolt of energy before the Indica weed takes over and a pleasing body high sets in.

While its lineage may have balanced out the head and body effects of this marijuana strain, it should be noted that cannabis novices should still be aware that God’s Green Crack packs a potent punch that can leave some feeling slightly anxious or paranoid in large doses.

For those weed enthusiasts who prefer concentrates, there are a number of God’s Green Crack shatter products, from companies such as Diamond Concentrates.

Traits of God’s Green Crack and God’s Green Crack Seeds

Definitely one to show off, marijuana fans will enjoy God’s Green Crack’s grape heavy aroma, with earthy undertones. These same notes carry over into the smoke, where weed connoisseurs will find a fruity, somewhat sweet taste along with earthy and woody flavors.

Much like it’s parent God’s Bud, God’s Green Crack’s short, stocky plant offers up some sizeable yields. Nugs are nicely frosted with trichomes and burnt orange hairs coursing through the deep green leaves.

Medical Benefits of God’s Green Crack

The balanced effect of head and body highs make this strain a great option for medical marijuana patients suffering from a number of ailments.

  • A 55:45 Indica to Sativa ratio makes this particular marijuana strain great for anxiety, insomnia, and stress
  • With its nice analgesic properties, this strain is good at treating chronic pain and inflammation
  • This strain is also great for marijuana consumers who struggle with a lack of appetite — it’ll definitely have you reaching for the snacks.


October 18, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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October 18, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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