Grape Stomper Weed; Grape Stomper Cannabis Strain; Grape Stomper Hybrid Marijuana Strain

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strains | 10.19.2020

Grape Stomper Marijuana Strain

Grape Stomper is a potent Hybrid marijuana strain. Boasting high levels of THC, this strain will leave marijuana consumers feeling euphoric, focused and happy.

The Grape Stomper cannabis strain is a connoisseur flower loaded with THC. Featuring a distinct grape aroma and up to 25% THC, this hybrid is one well-bred bud.


Grape Stomper Experience

Grape Stomper is a powerhouse Sativa-dominant flower from Gage Green Genetics.  It is a cross between JojoRizo’s Purple Elephant (Indica) and Elite Seeds’ Chemdog Sour Diesel (Sativa-dominant Hybrid).

A strain for marijuana connoisseurs, this bud has been bred over generations and continues to be used in new crosses. A backcross of this flower now also exists. The backcross attempts to stabilize this strain and transform it from clone-only to seed.

This bud has been a cover strain for High Times Magazine and has won more than one Cannabis Cup. The strongest of the Grape strains, a backcross tested over 25% THC. It is cerebral and upbeat, yet it’s Hybrid heritage also provides calming body sensations. Some consumers even report feeling a little tingly.

This strain is also sometimes called Sour Grapes.


Traits of Grape Stomper and Grape Stomper Seeds

This herb’s seductive sweet berry aroma provides a lovely glimpse into the dreamy experience this strain provides. Some may be expecting a slightly more aromatic herb, but once these nugs are broken up, marijuana consumers will find that candylike punch they were expecting. Experienced cannabis enthusiasts will detect a faint ammonia or fuel-like pungency.

Not so much experience is required when it comes to taste, however. Many marijuana consumers, especially novices or medical user, will delight at the easy going, smooth smoke which rarely causes coughing.

These seeds produce nice looking buds, with a healthy dose of trichomes and orange pistils. It would be reasonable for marijuana enthusiasts to expect some purple coloration from a “grape” strain, but this herb can be a little shy with its more colorful hues.


Medical Benefits of Grape Stomper

Some medical marijuana patients will be able to stomp out their symptoms with this THC heavy herb.

  • Medical cannabis consumers often pick up Grape Stomper for relief from mental health conditions like chronic stress and depression.
  • However, this strain is also popular among those experiencing muscle spasms and pain.
  • Though the effects of this strain are thought to be slightly stimulating, it won’t be difficult to fall asleep after a little Grape Stomper. Insomniacs might fight a friend in this strain.

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