Green Dragon Marijuana Strain

It’s time to inhale the good and exhale the bad. The Green Dragon cannabis strain is a powerful stress-fighting tool. Save this indica for the evening.

Green Dragon Weed; Green Dragon Cannabis Strain; Green Dragon Indica Marijuana Strain

One of the reasons consumers gravitate toward cannabis is for its soothing and stress-fighting nature. The Green Dragon marijuana strain provides the perfect example. An evening treat, this herb invites consumers to let go of their anxiety and engage with the present. Drowsy with a slight creative stimulation, pick up this plant when you’re ready to relax and simply enjoy.

Green Dragon Experience

Get ready to melt into a comfortable euphoric bliss. This cannabis strain is a drowsy flower. However, this potent green bud won’t cause excess sedation. Well, when consumed in moderation, at least.

In moderate doses, the strain delights consumers with an upbeat yet soothing relaxation. Muscles start to loosen and the day’s worries and struggles start to disappear in favor of the present moment.

An evening flower, the herb makes an excellent precursor to a weeknight dinner. Mild appetite stimulating effects may present themselves, and this mentally engaging flower makes conversation with friends or family even more enjoyable.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Green Dragon Oil Pens may be available from select cannabis brands, like O.Pen and AbsoltuteXtracts.  
  • Green Dragon shatter, Green Dragon wax, and other Green Dragon concentrates may also be available from a number of retailers.

Traits of Green Dragon and Green Dragon seeds

Get ready for some heavy eyelids. This marijuana strain is an Afghani offspring. Afghani, an indica landrace strain, is a plant that has introduced indica genetics into a large number of today’s modern strains.

Like Afghani, this flower features a stout and tight bud structure with broad green leaves.

High in THC, it frequently produces between 16 and 20 percent of the psychoactive. While these numbers may seem small by today’s standard, the power of this weed will surprise you.

The first hint as to this plant’s strength is in its scent. This herb has a strong pungent odor with hints of sticky sweetness. If any flower deserves the term “dank”, this herb is a viable candidate.

Medical Benefits of Green Dragon

  • Tired of muscle pain, spasms, and tension? Many medical cannabis consumers find relief with this cannabis strain.
  • The strain is also a popular selection for those with headache disorders and migraine.
  • Those with inflammatory conditions, including arthritis and autoimmune conditions may also benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of this strain.
April 05, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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April 05, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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