Guava Dawg Marijuana Strain

The Guava Dawg marijuana strain is a strong herb that’s sure to impress. This plant extremely high in THC and it has a delicious berry diesel aroma to boot.

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Those seeking a heavy-hitting hybrid should look no further. The Guava Dawg strain is a potent indica hybrid with fast onset effects. Shortly after partaking in this plant, it’s not uncommon for consumers to feel like they need to sit down and chill out. Recommended for nighttime consumption, this herb inspires heavy eyelids and will likely send your mind off to space.

Guava Dawg Experience


There’s no way around it: this strain is a heavy hitter. The effects of this plant sink in shortly after the first taste. The experience is said to begin with an intense euphoric head rush, inspiring a quick-onset happiness and plenty of laughter.

However, as the rolling elevation continues, the more sedative effects of this plant take hold. Consumers may feel their eyelids grow heavy and sitting down often seems like a good idea. In fact, the physical effects of this herb are so strong that you may feel like you’re sinking into the couch.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Guava Dawg Oil Pens may be available from select brands, depending on the region.
  • Guava Dawg shatter, Guava Dawg wax, and other Guava Dawg concentrates are also available from a number of retailers.

Traits of Guava Dawg and Guava Dawg seeds

This strain is a rising star with excellent genetics. Fans of the legendary Chemdawg strain will likely love this plant, as it includes a strong Chemdawg lineage. An offspring of Afghani, Stardawg, and Tres Dawg, both strong-hitting and potent hybrids, this plant can certainly hold its own.

It’s rare to ever come across Guava Dawg seeds, but you can find its parent’s genetics like StarDawg and Chemdawg at the Homegrown Cannabis Co. Their Stardawg Seeds, especially, are some of Kyle Kushman’s favorites to grow. 

In fact, it’s rumored that this weed boasts up to 25 percent THC. Those with prior cannabis experience will love this plant’s powerful psychoactive properties. However, this herb may be a little too strong for novices or those sensitive to THC.

Featuring dense lime-green buds coated with a heavy layer of trichomes, this herb is an impressive sight to behold. Yet, it’s the aroma that really impresses.

True to its name, this herb features a mouth-watering tropical fruit flavor. Hints of diesel and skunk make this plant even more appealing and the intense aroma of this strain is perhaps the first sign of this herb’s psychoactive potency.

This strain was bred by Top Dawg Genetics.


Medical Benefits of Guava Dawg

  • Hoping to take a cat nap? This indica-dominant hybrid expresses sedative effects. Those who struggle with insomnia may enjoy this strain.
  • This plant is also popular among those with headache disorders like migraine.
  • Those seeking natural relief for mental health ailments like depression and chronic stress may appreciate this plant as well.


April 03, 2018 — Last Updated July 30, 2021
Written by Anna Wilcox

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April 03, 2018 — Last Updated July 30, 2021
Written by Anna Wilcox

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