The Hog Marijuana Strain

The Hog is a wildly potent pure Indica with unknown genetics which will bliss up and knock out even the most hardcore enthusiasts.

The Hog Weed; The Hog Cannabis Strain; The Hog Indica Marijuana Strain

The Hog is a wildly powerful Indica marijuana from T.H. Seeds, who have kept this weed’s genetics a secret. It’s an impressive strain, which won Best Indica at the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup. It’s famous for its aforementioned potency: it generally weighs in at an insane 27-31% THC. In terms of its high, it’s a classic Indica cannabis experience. Expect sedative, heavy, lush, and anesthetic effects from this herb.

The Hog Experience

Sometimes, cannabis enthusiasts with a high tolerance want a weed that knocks them out cold, like the first bong hit they ever took.

The Hog, an award-winning weed with unknown genetics, is a great choice for that kind of situation. At 27 to 31% THC, this is some seriously potent cannabis. So, expect to find yourself in a blissful dreamland more often than not.

Enthusiasts who consume this weed will shortly notice their thoughts slowing to molasses-speed. Everything will seem slightly less important, as blissful relaxation spreads throughout the body, accompanied by a wonderfully tingly warmth.

Often, enthusiasts may not want to move and desire simply to stay in one place. This strain allows you to slip into the comforting hug of a cannabis high. However, you may soon find yourself slipping into a profound sleep.

Don’t be surprised if anesthetic effects will kick in as well, potentially relieving any lingering pain. This weed is available in shatter form from a number of retailers; however, vape pens are not currently in evidence.

Traits of The Hog

The Hog features chunky buds of various sizes. These flowers are decorated with twisting clumps of orange pistillate hairs and feature an impressive dusting of trichomes.

What’s more noticeable, however, is the pungent smell of this cannabis, which is one of those intense, room-filling weed aromas.

Keep this one in a scent-proof jar unless you love skunky, earthy, woody smells. Once ignited, the weed’s smoke is also strongly scented and very harsh.

Medical Benefits of The Hog

  • Heavily sedative effects of this marijuana may come in handy for patients dealing with insomnia.
  • Instills a blissful euphoria that may relieve intense stress and anxiety.
  • Considerable anesthetic effects may provide relief for patients with aches and pains of various kinds.
March 29, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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March 29, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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