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Lemon G Marijuana Strain

The Lemon G strain is a Midwestern flower with a strong cerebral punch. High in THC and filled with laughter, save this flower for a leisurely afternoon.

The Lemon G marijuana strain is known for its quick onset and intense mental high. Featuring a strong cerebral kick and a pleasant attitude, this strain often insights fits of giggles and a hazy euphoric sensation. Considered an afternoon flower, this plant may help some find relief from muscle tension or a bad headache.

Lemon G Experience

This spunky plant may be energizing, but this potent lady is one hard-hitting bud. This marijuana strain has a way of hitting the consumer all at once, with a strong cerebral uplift that calms into a relaxing and introspective high.

A real mood-booster, this plant has a reputation for inspiring laughter and easing consumers into an uplifting and engaging experience.

For some, this strain may be a bit too powerful to encourage focus. Yet, for others, the creative boost this flower provides plenty of inspiration.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Lemon G Oil Pens may be available from select brands, like XO Extractions.
  • Lemon G shatter, Lemon G wax, and other Lemon G concentrates are also available from a number of retailers.

Traits of Lemon G and Lemon G seeds

This marijuana strain is a midwestern delight. Born and bred in Ohio,  this intoxicating herb is a sativa-dominant descendant of the G-13 cannabis strain and an unknown cross.

G-13 is a famous heavy-handed indica that is rumored to have been bred by the U.S. Government. Still, even with a strong indica heritage, this strain produces an energizing experience overall.

From its mysterious lineage, this herb has inherited a strong lemon citrus aroma. Spicy with sweet qualities, this cannabis strain is fragrant with a punchy taste.

Considered high in THC, buds can feature up to 22 percent of the psychoactive. As such, novice consumers may experience some headache or lightheadedness from this potent flower.

Medical Benefits of Lemon G

  • This cannabis strain is a popular choice among those hoping to relieve inflammatory conditions like arthritis.
  • This medicinal herb may also be useful to those in need of daytime management for muscle spasms and chronic muscle tension.
  • This plant may also be useful as a natural daytime pain reliever, stress management tool, and anti-nausea aid.

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