NYC Diesel Weed; NYC Diesel Cannabis Strain; NYC Diesel Hybrid Marijuana Strain
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NYC Diesel Marijuana Strain

NYC Diesel is a Hybrid marijuana strain with high levels of THC. This strain is perfect for taking on some creative challenges, offering cannabis enthusiasts increased focused and creativity, as well as grapefruit and classic diesel flavors.

The origins of NYC Diesel are a little unclear. However, this upbeat Hybrid is an artist’s dream. Euphoric and creative, you’re like to find inspiration with this strain.


NYC Diesel Experience

Legend has it this marijuana strain came about by chance in New York City. Some mysterious seeds were given to the breeder behind Soma Seeds by a friend.

The seeds were saved, then eventually crossed with some Afghani and Hawaiian strains. The result is a slightly Sativa-dominant strain with earthy, pungent, grapefruit aromas.

Overall, NYC Diesel is fairly potent. THC levels range from 16 to 22% on average.

Fans claim that this strain produces a happy, energized effect that’s best for the morning. However, thanks to some Indica heritage, NYC Diesel has some mild body-relaxing sensations as well.

The experience is thought to be well-balanced, clear-headed, and creative. Artists and creative types may have a special affinity with this strain.

Many find that it spurs a lot of mental activity, making it great for writers or those who want a philosophical mood. Recreational marijuana consumers may also enjoy a nice hike or a walk about town with this herb.


Traits of NYC Diesel and NYC Diesel Seeds

A flavor profile as unique as the city that never sleeps. Marijuana enthusiasts treasure this strain for its citrusy tastes. Lime and grapefruit help to offset the classic jet fuel taste cannabis consumers would expect from diesel descended weed.

The aroma leans heavily towards diesel, with a slight earthy undertone that will remind some marijuana enthusiasts of a dank moss.


Medical Benefits of NYC Diesel

Whatever the origins of this New York City classic, one certain thing is its popularity with some medical marijuana patients.

  • This strain increases appetite, so may medical patients use NYC Diesel as daytime relief for gastrointestinal disorders
  • Those with chronic fatigue and minor pain may also appreciate this uplifting Hybrid
  • The high levels of THC can make this strain an effective anti-inflammatory, relieving symptoms of fibromyalgia, arthritis and other chronic pain conditions

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