OG Shark Marijuana Strain

OG Shark is a high-quality balanced Hybrid marijuana, which produces a silly, uplifting mental high and a pleasantly numbing body buzz.

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OG Shark is a balanced Hybrid marijuana which is thought to have been blended from OG Kush and Great White Shark. It’s popular in Canada and has a growing audience in the US. Enthusiasts love it for the fact that it delivers a powerful body high with a giggly, silly head high. This is not so much a philosophical weed experience as a childlike one. And, at 21-25% THC, it’s got impressive potency.

OG Shark Experience

OG Shark is a recently-bred Hybrid marijuana from somewhere in Canada, bred from OG Kush and Great White Shark. Despite its scary name, this is a very lighthearted weed. The only thing it’ll take a bite out of is your anxiety. 

It’s also got 21-25% THC, so it’s plenty powerful, and novices should treat it respectfully.

Enthusiasts consuming this marijuana will quickly notice a sense of uplift and energy. This gradually morphs into a childlike mindset, complete with silly, racing thoughts, which are an absolute joy as long as you’re not too overwhelmed by that kind of mental stimulation.

As this effect unfurls, the weed also pleasantly numbs the enthusiasts’ body and creates a sparkly body buzz. The resulting headspace is pretty fun. You may find your mind leaping all over the place and torso feeling totally relaxed. While this strain can be somewhat sedative as it wears off, it’s not a total tranquilizer.

As a result of this mix of effects, this is a potentially great marijuana for the whole last half of your day.

Traits of OG Shark

OG Shark consists of deep green, tightly clumped buds, with a notable clear trichome coverage. It’s sticky, but not hugely so.

The smell is a nuanced combination of earthy skunk, a bit of diesel, and an uplifting sweetness that’s almost floral. It’s a strong, head-clearing smell, and its taste carries over into the smoke, which is fairly smooth.

Medical Benefits of OG Shark

  • Uplifting qualities of this cannabis potentially useful for patients with mild depression or related mood disorders.
  • Stimulating powers may come in handy for those who struggle with fatigue.
  • Anesthetic properties could have medicinal benefit for people with chronic aches and pains.
March 08, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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March 08, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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