Orange Cookies Marijuana Strain

Orange Cookies is a well-balanced strain with moderate THC content that provides a smooth, mellow, relaxing high, along with a delicious citrus taste.

Orange Cookies Weed; Orange Cookies Cannabis Strain; Orange Cookies Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Orange Cookies is a balanced Hybrid with a moderate THC content, which makes for a mellow high that’s equally physical and mental. With a lovely citrus taste, it provides a warm, tingly experience, primarily marked by a sense of happiness and relaxation, and doesn’t tend to make consumers paranoid or lazy.


Orange Cookies Experience

Orange Cookies is a well-balanced strain, at 60% Indica, bred by Franchise Genetics. Its parents are Orange Juice and Girl Scout Cookies, both of which are notably tasty, resulting in a marijuana with a tempting citrus smell.

This cannabis is one of those strains whose high is both pleasurable and manageable. Rather than overwhelming you with a gigantic THC content, it blankets you with a tranquil, lush state of mind, accompanied by a noticeable Indica-based body buzz. You’ll be calm, but not totally knocked out.

Enthusiasts report feelings of euphoria and relaxation, along with creative feelings. This marijuana would be great for casual socializing, as well as walking alone in pleasant weather.

Orange Cookies shatter does exist, as well as vape cartridges from VapeMeds.


Traits of Orange Cookies and Orange Cookies Seeds

This strain does a great job of being orange-themed. As previously mentioned, it has an incredibly delicious citrus taste that reminds enthusiasts of orange sherbet, candied oranges, and fresh tangerines. As well, its small, lightish green nuggets are coated all over with orange hairs. Occasional clumps of trichomes are visible.

Once inhaled, the fruity taste is accompanied by an earthy undertone that makes this weed all the more appealing. The smoke isn’t particularly harsh.


Medical Benefits of Orange Cookies

Medical marijuana patients might get their hands caught in the cookie jar looking for this therapeutic bud.

  • Euphoric, relaxed feeling of this marijuana especially beneficial for those who suffer from mild depression, stress, and anxiety
  • Quite good for muscle spasms and cramps
December 08, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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December 08, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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